Feelings Buried Alive Never Die

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I was just thinking about a piece of advice that we see around the place so often and it remonds me of a book I recently read, (ad) Feelings Buried Alive Never Die. It’s the one which says, when you like or dislike something about another person, it is usually a reflection of an attribute that you like or dislike about yourself, simply being mirrored back to you.

I ran through my mind to consider which people I most admired and what I most liked about them.

I then thought of any people who annoyed me, and what aspects about them grated on me. I was curious to see what could do with a little more “work” on my part!

While doing the latter, I realized that some of those attributes are not part of my life today, rather they are from my past. A couple of the things that I did not like about particular people are not things that describe me now, yet they do describe some of the ways that I used to be.

I concluded (and this is important), that those elements from my past, were likely parts of me for which I’d not yet forgiven myself.

Which is precisely the reason that they are still “alive” today, and are instantly activated when I meet someone who demonstrates those behaviors.

In my mind, it then naturally follows, that in order to improve all my relationships (including the one I have with myself), and to move them to a new level, I have some work to do on forgiving myself, on clearing away any “charge” associated with those “pieces” of myself.

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On my computer desktop, I have a question which asks, “Are you willing to let go of the thoughts, situations, people and actions that are keeping you where you are?” An important question because I know that, sometimes, we avoid “looking” and opening up to the truth about ourselves. We can so fiercely resist change!

Knowing that life will always mirror back to us what is happening inside us, it’s imperative that we recognize what’s at work in our subconscious, getting to the source of what’s causing the results that we produce in our life.

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die - Forward Steps 1500pxOnce we are in touch with our inner workings and can see the origin/source of our ‘automatic reactions’ (as opposed to our more conscious responses), we’ll know exactly where we need to be doing our work.

The first step is always awareness and a willingness to “be” with “what is”. Only through acceptance, of every part of us, can we be open to effecting change and taking on a new “way of being”, refreshing how we interpret the events in our life.

What we resist, persists. When we push away and reject any part of ourselves, or are unwilling to accept a possible truth about our life and about ourselves, then we will magnify its effect on our day to day experiences.

We continue to “collect more evidence” for what we believe to be true! So, if our belief is one that does not support our goals, we will only entrench and compound that belief as our absolute truth and, we sometimes think, that it cannot be any other way. Thereby, keeping us stuck or it has us spinning our wheels in the sand!

Once we do become aware of something that needs a bit of work (something that wants forgiveness or clearing) and we shove it aside, then we can be certain it will keep popping up for us until we clean it up.

There are so many tools available for removing the blockages, that might get in the way of us achieving in certain areas of our life. One of the fastest, that I love to use, is (ad) tapping.

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Feelings Buried Alive Never Die