Thinking Substance, What Is It?

What is the thinking substance, as talked about in the Science Of Getting Rich, and how does it work?

You’d possibly know by now that I am a fan of The Science Of Getting Rich.
Today I have a treat for you. It’s an article by a friend who has explained one of its most challenging concepts, in a very clear way. This is worth your reading time. Enjoy!

One of the most asked questions and something that has not been really clear to me over many years is, “What is the thinking substance, and how does it work?”

I have always answered with, “Oh that is just the Universal power“, and left it at that, knowing that we are told not to question how things are going to happen, and to just have faith and belief, that they will happen.

Thinking Substance article image 1This has been OK, but I always thought that if we could just get a handle on how the ‘thinking substance’ worked in some sort of graphical way, it would make it so much easier to utilise its power.

I recently read some articles by a contemporary of Wallace Wattles, named Thomas Troward, and intertwined in these articles were little snippets that started to clarify exactly what the thinking substance is, and how once we know that, we can harness it and direct the power into the areas that we need. It also clarified how when not directed correctly, it amplifies our bad situations enormously.

Firstly we must appreciate that the Universe (Thinking Substance) can only work through us, so every time it does not deliver, it is a result of us not having used the power correctly. When we learn how to align the power, we can achieve maximum results.

I will elaborate on this later, but for now just realize that we are a distribution centre for the power, a little like an electricity sub station, and we have total control over where we distribute that power. For now understand that the distribution of the power is governed by our deep seated DOMINANT thought, yes the one we pretend we do not have when we say that we really desire something, and have faith and belief in receiving it.

It is extraordinary that we experience the results of our fears and limiting beliefs every time we allow our dominant thought to override a desire, yet given all this proof, we do not allow ourselves to re direct the power to achieve something we really want. That is human nature, to ignore all the evidence we have that actually proves something works, and let our limited knowledge convince us that we are correct, and in effect put coal on the fire just to prove we are right.

Whether we continually create what we do not want, or occasionally create what we do want, we are always creating our dominant thoughts, and this is conclusive proof that we are a creating centre, and if we can learn how to control and correctly distribute this power, we have cracked it.

If you think really deeply and recall situations in your life, you will definitely find that things followed a certain pattern, when you were happy, things just kept getting better, and likewise when you were miserable things just kept getting worse. That is UNTIL, you changed your thoughts. Think for a moment and take this in, when you change your thoughts, you change every thing, and the results are almost instantaneous.

We will of course here have the discussion about you thinking things and them not happening, but, I can assure you that the power will react to your dominant thought. Unfortunately that thought may be well hidden and you do not realise that it is coming from past programming, or a limiting belief, so in effect you are only ever achieving or receiving things and events that you believe you can, and once you realize that when you learn how to direct this thinking substance, you can virtually have anything you desire, things really start to change.

Most people want things to work the wrong way around, they say “ I will be happy, when so and so happens”, yet unfortunately, we cannot create from a condition to a state of mind, that is before we can create the condition, we have to know that it will actually make us happy. So we have to be happy in advance about the condition we want to create. You must feel the effects of the condition in advance, as your feelings are one of your greatest assets in the creation of what you want.

If you are having trouble with the concept of enjoying and feeling something that has not yet happened, just think about how you feel once you have booked a holiday. Although it is in the future, you fantasize and imagine enjoying yourself, and create a good feeling about the holiday. Why oh why then do we find it so hard to enjoy something we are trying to create, we always tend to fill our vision with problems and fears, and as explained earlier, that is where our dominant thought is placed.

Thinking Substance article - The science Of Getting Rich ebook coverOnce we are sure about what we are trying to create and our vision is crystal clear, we must do all we can to assist the creation. These actions will become clear as you move towards your goal. Please do not try and force things, just relax and allow things to unfold, but remain relaxed and flexible, secure in the knowledge that your goal or vision will appear in line with your dominant thoughts.

Our original program and our natural condition is to grow and become the best we can be, unfortunately, we will have some hurdles to get over, because we have been reprogrammed throughout our lives by people and events, and sometimes that programming is more about control than growth.

Taking action and allowing things to happen is one of the most important things we can do to assist the power to create our goal. Many very well meaning people become shipwrecked here because they expect things to just happen without any effort. Once you express the thought, and allow the power to move through you, you must be ready to expand your awareness, and as each limiting belief is overcome, the future looks totally different. The reason is that you do not have to factor in that limiting belief any more, and consequently you are in a new place of awareness.

It would be a good place to try and explain a little more about the thinking substance, the Universe, the Power, or whatever your beliefs and understandings decide to call it.

The start of any creation has its birth in a thought, and if you follow anything back to source you will find that it did in fact start with a thought. Once we establish that, we can then assume that our universe must have started with a thought, and in the absence of any physical proof we must also assume that in creating the planets a thought was actually the creator. It is difficult initially to comprehend this, because we always think of a human thought, and that I think is why certain religions create physical images to make the original thought easier to understand. If it comes from human form that gives us a picture to relate to, and it is then easier to understand the concept of the original thought.

Thinking Substance article - Thinking Stuff imageThe same power that is available to us, is the same power that energizes all natural things. Plants are programmed to be the best plant they can be, and use all the power to this end, they do not question or create reasons not to do something. Animals, insects, fish and every other form of life uses 100% of the power to live without question. Unfortunately us humans were given a brain that felt the need to control and manipulate things.

When we arrive as a child, we have the same program as any other living thing, and at that time we have no problem imagining obtaining great things. We also follow our natural growth program and just do things in line with that program, things start to go wrong when we get information from various places, that fly in the face of our natural program. We are given instructions and information that is used to control us. Most of this information is delivered in good faith, by people who have our best interests at heart. As we grow we get more and more restricting information, and bigger bodies of people feed us more information with the sole purpose to control us and restrict our faith in our ability.

This is how urban myths are born. In an effort to restrict and control us the government perpetuate stories about things that cannot be legislated against effectively so they tell of cases where people have been punished for doing things that are not actually illegal. A classic example of this is selling cars from home in Australia. The urban myth is that you cannot sell more than two cars a year from your home, otherwise you can get prosecuted for unlicensed dealing. The truth is that there is no law against deciding that you did not like a car and decided to sell it, and doing this numerous times is not unlicensed dealing.

Thinking Substance article - Your Invisible Power ebook coverWe are restricted by a fear that has no grounding in truth. In many situations it is fear of something that has no basis that stops us doing things.

One thing to understand here is that fear is usually a state of mind created in our imagination, using all the information programmed into us throughout our lives, that was placed there with the express purpose of controlling us. It is safe to say then that if we can eliminate fear about the uncertainties of the future, we are a long way towards being able to give the correct signals to the power, in creating our future. It is these unfounded fears that lie beneath our desires, but because they are actually our true beliefs at this time, they have the ability to direct the power in that direction, and our fears more often than not become a self fulfilling prophecy. How many times have you said you cannot do something and been proved right? Yet in later years have found that what you could not do then, is now second nature.

Once you can eliminate fear in your decision making, great things start to happen.

I believe that all living things receive 100% of the power 24/7 and it is how each thing decides to use it that creates the results. Plants and other living things are not given the power of debate and reason, and therefore they can just accept the power and use it to its fullest extent all the time.

A plant is just programmed to be the very best plant it can be, and subject to receiving correct growing situations, it will flourish and become the best plant it can be every time. If a plant is deprived of water it withers and does every thing it can to grow despite its circumstances. If it then receives water, it immediately carries on trying to be the best plant it can be, it does not consider whether it is worth going on, in case the same thing happens again, or thinking it is too hard to get back on track. No it is programmed, and all it needs at anytime is the power flowing through it with no questions asked, it accepts that there will be situations where it may have to be flexible, and just keeps following its program.

Humans are at a distinct disadvantage on so many levels to appreciate and get full benefit from the Universe, because as mentioned earlier, we have the power of debate and reason, and although these powers have been responsible for some amazing things in the life of the world, they are the exact things that stop us doing things in line with our natural inbuilt desire to grow and expand.

Thinking Substance article - I Create Reality site imageSo everything is receiving 100% of the power all the time, and human beings get such varied results, Why?

As mentioned earlier, we are a distribution center very similar to an electricity sub station, and we have total control as to where the power is distributed. Unfortunately until we understand what is happening, we get all the wrong results, and in many cases the results are the exact opposite to what we want or desire, because we are fueling our dominant thoughts and beliefs, and they in many cases are not what we actually think we are thinking about.

When we look deeply into this concept of the dominant thought and belief, we can find so much evidence in support of these principles, that it should be encouraging to realize that all you have to do, is to learn how to direct the power in a way that is going to give you the results you want. It is important that you do not get fooled in the future, to believing that things are not working, simply because you have not checked what your true dominant thoughts and beliefs are.

This graphic explanation of the power being distributed by our thoughts to the areas of greatest concentration and belief, has made it easier for me to check when things maybe not be happening exactly as I want them to be. There is ALWAYS a limiting belief, doubt or a decision made on incorrect information taken on in the past. I hope that this helps you in your journey to a successful future.

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