Inviting You To Step Into The Light

A guest article by the author of Into The Light

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If there’s one aspect of this whole manifestation business that’s consistently overlooked, it’s this; Responsibility.

In this article, I’m going to discuss a little bit about responsibility, what it is and why it’s so important. So, pull up a chair, get comfortable, relax and allow my words to embed themselves deep into your subconscious mind where they can begin to manifest profound changes in your life.

Manifestation begins and ends with you. For the moment, I’d like to ask that you completely forget other people and let yourself focus on you.

If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably wondered, over and over again, why you experience what you do. Wouldn’t you agree that you think your life could be so much better?

I’m going to share a secret with you, a secret so obvious that it will probably have you scratching your head in confusion and thinking along the lines of “I know that!”

Are you ready? Good.

You are responsible for the results in your life.

It’s simple yet profound. Profound simplicity, you might say.

Are you responsible for that car crash? The plane crash? The leaking plumbing?

Yes, yes and yes again.

Without you, you wouldn’t have a problem. Without you thinking you have a problem, you wouldn’t have a problem.

This is a huge concept and you may find yourself unwilling to accept the validity of it. That’s OK, Rome wasn’t built in a day, as the saying goes.

Every problem that you encounter, is nothing other than an something interpreted in a certain way, usually consisting of a whole heap of other concepts. Concepts exist only in the mind and their physical manifestation is what you experience as “real”.

I’m aware that this article most likely causes information overload for you. That’s because it’s been written with the intention of “shaking things up”. Everything that you now experience, is the result of concepts you’ve accepted as true. Allow yourself to open up to the possibility that what you think is true, actually isn’t.

image-Ed Duffe (pen name Ed O'Neill)Author: Ed Duffe is an experienced teacher of manifestation. Using many concepts including Huna, Hermeticism, Theology and Spirituality combined with modern psychological techniques, Ed has transformed his life for the better in the last few years, and he can teach you to do the same.

Ed Duffe (pen name Ed O’Neill), was inspired by the “Law Of Attraction” film, showing him how to influence his thinking for the better. Following a turbulent time in his life, Ed has now written a book to help others.

image - Into The Light Book CoverI’ve bought my personal copy of “Into The Light”. It tells a bit about how Ed ended up in a wheelchair. Living on the streets of London, he overdosed on heroin in 1996. After 4 months in a coma, he woke up – not being able to speak, eat or move. “Into The Light” tells of the determination he has since shown & has life lessons for us all.

Chock full of timeless wisdom applied to modern life, this tale is sure to make your head spin. You will learn real world applications of the law of attraction and experience the transformation that such applications can bring you.— Amazon

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5 comments for “Inviting You To Step Into The Light

  1. Ed
    2012/11/09 at 22:15

    @Frank Bentley
    Thanks, Frank 🙂

  2. 2012/11/08 at 20:46

    Thank you too, Frank. 🙂

  3. Frank Bentley - thesuccessinstitute
    2012/11/08 at 17:23

    “If there’s one aspect of this whole manifestation business that’s consistently overlooked, it’s this; Responsibility.” Really true.Thanks for this great eye opening article.

  4. 2012/11/08 at 09:24

    Thank you Ed.

  5. Ed
    2012/11/08 at 06:39

    In third density, you have a law called “The Law of Polarity”. It goes by many names and it’s basic premise is that where there is one thing, the opposite also exists, like good/bad, hot/cold, male/female, positive/negative and any other duality you can think of. This law is a law of third density and does not exist anywhere else in the universe. It is therefore a limitation imposed on you by your very existence as a third-dimensional being. Now, the following cannot be adequately expressed in words as experience is limited by the language used to express it. There is no polarity beyond that which you think there is. All things are One thing. The One can only be understood in third density terms, in terms of it’s parts – then further divided into various polarities, tertaries, quadruplicities, quintiplicities and a multitude differing degrees of seperation. This gives each of you the experience of seperateness but in actuality, not reality, everything is One thing.

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