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Above, soak up the powerful messages in this older 1986 video about money, titled Mastery Of Money, featuring Stuart Wilde.

More than 20 years ago, Stuart Wilde turned away from a life of wealth and luxury in order to follow the path of spirit.

Video Series About Money Image 1Since then, he has been a fearless, tireless spiritual warrior, investigating ever-further reaches of the spiritual realm and returning to share his discoveries with like-minded souls.

Known as an urban mystic and modern visionary, author and lecturer Stuart Wilde has written 18 books on consciousness and awareness. He has a humorous and simple way of explaining things that are controversial, self-empowering, mystical and transformational.

His writings include the very successful Taos Quintet, which are considered classics in their genre. They consist of: Miracles, Affirmations, The Force, The Quickening, and The Trick to Money is Having Some!

Stuart Wilde’s way of writing is often very moving and his information is highly original and detailed, many of the great writers and teachers in the self-empowerment genre have studied with him over the years.

Stuart’s perceptive and quirky way of writing has won him a loyal readership. His books have sold in the millions, and they have been translated into 15 languages.(ad)

One of my favorite books by Stuart is (ad) Infinite Self: 33 Steps To Reclaiming Your Inner Power. You probably have your own favorite, too.

When you want to know how fast your energy is oscillating in life, notice the speed at which things materialize. -Stuart Wilde Click To Tweet

Here is my favorite chapter for you to read, from that book by Stuart.

Sadly, Stuart passed away during May 2013.

Do you know what the number one issue is that most people want to work on and improve?

Not surprisingly, it’s their finances… For most people, just thinking about paying the bills brings up a lot of stress.

Whether you’re someone who’s deep in debt, or just getting by living paycheck to paycheck, or doing well and pushing forward to create the financial future you want and not quite there yet, I think you’d probably agree with me on this one thing…

You’d like to have more money, less stress and more freedom to be able to do what you want in your life. Would you agree?

Video Series About Money image 2If I were to say to you that you’re doomed to fail and not have money because you hate working, people don’t like you, you have no idea how to start a business, you’ll never get a promotion, you’re not good with money, you’re not smart enough, you’d probably say I was pretty mean!

I’m of course not saying any of those things, I never would, because I don’t think they’re true.

The question is, do you think any of them are true?

Do you say or think any of those things about yourself? Are you even aware if you do or not?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “You don’t know what you don’t know”?

You see, many people have negative and limiting beliefs about money and success, that they’re completely unaware of. They simply don’t know what they don’t know.

It’s not their fault. Trying to discover what they are is like trying to look in your blind spot when you have a stiff neck… it’s just not easy to see there!

I know how some people will react to that comment with, “It’s not about how much money you make. That’s not what life is about”.

I totally agree. Let me be clear, I believe that whether you have the money you want or don’t doesn’t make you a good or bad person.

What does stink, is being stressed out about money and paying bills. Not having the money you want to vacation, give your children what they need, enjoy life the way you want to, contribute to others and live the full expression of who you are.

To be perfectly blunt, not having the money you want kinda sucks! Click To Tweet

When you’re worried about money, life can feel very stressful, overbearing and just downright not fun at times.

Yet, there is a way to make things better, to create the financial abundance you want without the stress.

If you’ve ever heard it said that successful people have certain patterns, traits, beliefs and a certain “energy” to them… that’s because they do.

That’s why so often you see that successful people, those who have the right subconscious patterns, can have major setbacks and even lose all their money because of one challenge or another, yet turn things around, grow and get it all back, quickly!

Eliminate your stress around money issues, and discover a way to truly become free.

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Listen To A 1986 Video Series About MoneyListen To A 1986 Video Series About Money