Letter Writing Day For Self Reflection

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December 7 is Letter Writing Day, however there’s no need to do these exercises on only that date!

To aid problem solving or for the purpose of self reflection, here are a couple of examples of letters to write to yourself.

Use the following letter writing exercises to gain more clarity in your life & begin stepping forward.

The first writing exercise is to write down your dreams and write each to yourself in the future. Put your dreams in dated envelopes.

You can then open your dream envelopes on those dates that you wrote on each of the envelopes.

Compare the life you live with your dreams and see how far you’ve come. What action do you see is next for you?

This next writing exercise is great for problem solving and to gain more clarity about any issue….

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Write a letter, filled with many questions, to the “guru” of your issue. That is, if you’re grappling with a business problem, write to a business expert, or if it is relationship related, write to a relationship guru.

Once the letter is written, send it to your own address. Put the issue aside and out of your mind until you receive that letter a few days later in your mailbox.

Receive the letter and open it as though you are the expert who as just opened their mail. Pretend that you receive mail like this every day from hundreds of people around the world.

You ‘are’ the expert and know a great deal about this topic plus you ‘have’ a history of experience in dealing with these issues because you have helped thousands of people who have the very same questions and concerns.

Write a response to the letter from that perspective and objectively. Remain detached from the fact that this is your personal issue — remember, a perfect stranger has just mailed this letter to you.

Once you (the guru/expert) has replied fully to the letter, send it in the mail. Once more, to your own address.

Letter writing day - Forward Steps blog image 2Again, disregard the issue and allow your subconscious to do with it what it will over the period that the letter is in transit back to you.

Upon receipt of the expert’s reply back in your own mail box, either completely take action on the advice given in the letter or finally decide that it’s all too hard and choose to not take action in this area of your life at all.

We have more objectivity available to us than we know when it comes to decision making.

Often it’s purely a matter of asking the right questions to gain access to the answers that are right for us.

Whenever you’re stuck with, “I don’t know”, ask the question, “What would you do if you did know?” That almost always works to provide a solution.

Another one of those powerful questions is:

What would you do if you knew that you could not fail? Click To Tweet

It takes away those doubt thoughts that creep in at the moment that we come up with a vision for a successful future.

Here’s a mini version of the exercise above…

– Send a letter to a ’guru’ who has answers to all questions.
– Mail this letter to your own address, using ’snail-mail’.
– Be the ‘guru’/expert and reply to the letter that you receive.
– Again, ’snail-mail’ this letter back to the sender (you).
– Take action based on the advice given by the ’guru’.

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Letter Writing Day For Self Reflection