Point Of Power In Quantum Mechanics

Point Of Power author - Peter BaksaToday I purchased 4 books which I believe will also interest you. You can find out more about each, in the descriptions below.

Point Of Power author Peter Baksa - Faith Wave Peter’s new book book will offer an innovative approach to the way universe works based on findings of Max Planck, Steven Hawking and the findings are used by all entrepreneurs and successful people.

The message in that book is so great that it appeals, and can be applied by everyone. Everyone, regardless of circumstances, can achieve incredible results. Peter used techniques that he writes about in his books to achieve this own success.

In (ad) Faith Wave, Peter Baksa reviews how manifestation works and the quantum mechanics that support it. Then, in an interesting turn, he reviews the tenets of six major world religions, focuses on their teachings of prayer and meditation, and shows how these ancient truths mesh with manifestation.

Every day, many people wish for their lives to be different. They can picture a new life, yet their ego really focuses on what they do not have or cannot get. This sets up resistance to the new life they seek.

Discerning the lack (that is the basis of resistance) as the contrast to what one seeks can lead to desire, which then can become an intention and attention to the beliefs and emotions of already having it (detachment).

Point Of Power - author Peter BaksaThe Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on and intend in your life, shall be delivered to you.

In (ad) The Point Of Power, Peter proposes to set forth and illustrate the three principles – intend, declare, and detach – that together explain how to operate the law.

How it works is explained by reviewing the insights of quantum mechanics. Examples, including some from the author’s life, help illustrate the steps.

Trouble-shooting chapters show the reasons that the New Age; Mind, Body, Spirit; and science spirituality movements have mostly missed their goals.

You’ll enjoy the message inside (ad) It’s None Of My Business What You Think Of Me.

Life is a series of contracts the ego makes with itself, reality is the shadow these contracts put upon our souls.Point Of Power author Peter Baksa - It's None Of My Business What You Think Of Me

Just as a businessman makes a contract with other businessmen, so too does your ego make contracts. These contracts begin when you are a child, and you unknowingly enter into them with your parents, friends, teachers, employers, and the mass media.

These contracts will make you poor, sad, and unhealthy if they are kept. Our ego tells us how much time and effort to spend in getting others to approve of us.

Everyone goes through a domestication period-a time where others tell us what we should eat, act like, want, and not want. This domestication period ends when we decide that it has ended.

We all know about emotion baggage, the stains upon our inner selves, and the weights around our ankles that keep us from being what we could.

Identify and remove these ankle weights now.

Point Of Power author Peter Baksa - Think Yourself Young In Peter’s third book, (ad) Think Yourself Young, we examine some of the mis-perceptions connected up with why we age.

This book looks into why such concepts are wrong and even the thought of them, harmful.

It is said that death and aging are inevitable parts of life, but is this the whole truth? Can life be greatly extended, age postponed?

If belief in a thing makes it so, then there is a way out of the cycle of aging and death.

Abandon the mis-perceptions of life and aging, summon up the courage to face life’s simple fundamental truths, and you can lead a more youthful joyous life, by simply making the right physical, mental, and dietary changes to your current lifestyle.

With the help of the latest research in medical science, quantum mechanics, and a look back to ancient texts, we will see how the aging process that humans experience is largely preventable, and in some cases reversible.

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