Principles Of Fun For A Better Life

The eight principles of fun video will light up your life!

This has been one of my favorite videos for quite some time.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say, it ought to be mandatory, daily viewing!

The eight principles of fun is an irresistibly funky animated movie designed to help you create more fun in your life.

Principles Of Fun image 1What are you waiting for? Are you having fun?

We don’t have enough fun in our lives.

Fun is… the pinch of salt that brings out the flavour.

Fun is… the backbeat that gives the song its rhythm.

Fun is… the first date that makes the heart go faster.

Now, go watch the video for all 8 principles!

It’s not absolutely necessary that you have fun, yet life is better when you do!

Feel better and do the stuff that really matters.

1. Stop hiding who you really are. Take time to figure out what makes your DNA When it comes down to it, what do you stand for? And then, when you know who you are, turn up the volume! “Always be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate version of someone else.” -Judy Garland

2. Start being intensely selfish. Get hungry for the things that are truly important to you. Think of the people you respect and love, the moments you relish, the impact that you want to have, the legacy you want to leave… bottom line: don’t waste your time on anything else. “When you come right down to it, all you have is yourself. All the rest is nothing.” -Pablo Picasso

3. Stop following the rules. With the exception of gravity, almost all of the rules are negotiable. Someone just makes them up. It’s no longer about what you can’t do, it’s about what you can do. “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” -Katherine Hepburn

4. Start scaring yourself. Explore the edges. Dip your toe in the bold, the outrageous, and the unthinkable. Seek out and have adventure. “Men wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages. Biter cold. Long months of complete darkness. Constant danger. Safe return doubtful.” -Ernest Shackleton

5. Stop taking it all so damn seriously. In this moment, is it a life or death decision? In ten years, will you remember what you’re fretting about? In 100 years, will anyone care? So lighten up, this too will pass. “Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.” -Elbert Hubbard

6. Start getting rid of the crap. Think of all the stuff that’s weighing you down and getting in the way. Not just the things, but also the habits, the memories, the attitudes, the people. Get rid of that clutter. “Knowledge is a process of piling up facts, wisdom lies in their simplification.” -Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King

7. Stop being busy. Being busy is seductive. Just because you’re going flat out, doesn’t mean you’re on the right track. If it’s the wrong hole, you need to stop digging. “We’re lost, but we are making good time.” -Yogi Berra

8. Start something. Don’t wait any longer for permission to do what you want to do. There are always reasons to procrastinate just a little longer. Enough. Just start! “When all is said and done, a lot more is said than done.” -Lou Holtz

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The eight principles of fun movie was made by Michael Bungay Stanier.

Make the Eight Irresistible Principles Of Fun a part of your life.

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