Top 10 May 2016 Facebook Posts

Revisit your favorite, top 10 May 2016 Facebook posts from Forward Steps…

I will return near early July with the next top 10 collection of your favorite Forward Steps Facebook posts for the month of June. The following have not been positioned in any particular order, so the most favorite are not nearest the top. Sometimes it is a challenge to choose the top 10 because a few posts might be closely tied when I check my Facebook insights stats. In that instance, I go with my intuition and recollection of how it was received in past publications.

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1. Change the future by changing your actions today…

2. Celebrate yourself in this moment. The world is fortunate to have you.

3. You withdraw power from what you release.

4. The most effective way to cope with change is to help create it!

5. Move aside if you don’t believe it’s possible!

6. Success is created in your mind long before you see ANY signs of it in your reality!

7. Time to take a nice, deep breath!

8. There is only one success…

9. The more we learn, the more we discover how much we do not know…

10. Happiness is not the absence of problems!

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