Can You Be More Yourself?

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Can you be more yourself?

It is so easy to feel and conform to the expectations of the people around us. Yet in doing so, are you giving up the kind of life that you want to live?

Be More Yourself image 2 1500We can have endless conversations about how society suppresses us and how we feel obligated to conform. However, in the end, we must look to the times that we repress ourselves.

It is a good thing to learn about the norms of our society, and naturally to stick to the laws by which we must all live, for enabling everyone’s personal freedom.

Yet, how many unwritten rules have you accepted in your life, at the cost of self discovery?

Adopting an explorer’s attitude to our own life and lifestyle is a great way to learn about yourself as you progress through life.

When you challenge the life choices you have made and measure them against your actual desires, how far apart are they?

The reward for conformity was that everyone liked you except yourself. -Rita Mae Brown Click To Tweet

You could begin with something as simple as the layout of your home. For example, who said that that larger room, with the better view, ought to be the master bedroom?

In our previous home, Greg and I had chosen the smallest room to be our bedroom and I had the master bedroom as my office. The lounge/dining room was transformed into Greg’s office and music teaching area. It worked so much better for the way that we live.

In our current home, my office is in the larger and sunny family area, leading to outdoors. Whereas, Greg’s music teaching area is now in the master bedroom with his office in the walk-in wardrobe of that room. The ensuite is handy for music students and we have our own separate bathroom areas.

Check in with yourself to see if you are living your life or, whether you are living into the expectations of people around you.

Consider a few of the following questions…

Would prefer not to have a job as long as you could still cover all your expenses in other ways?

Do the clothes in your wardrobe make you feel good about yourself each time you dress?

Do you like the room in which you wake each morning or does another room in the house look more appealing?

Who really chose the color of the car that you drive?

Are all those people with whom you spend most time, truly good friends to you and for you?

Be More Yourself image 1 1500If you don’t yet have children and you say to yourself that you should do that soon, who is really saying that?

If you are not yet married and you say to yourself that you should do that soon, who is talking?

When you look in the mirror and notice something about you that you don’t like, did that opinion originate with you?

Those questions will give you a few basic places to begin rummaging around in your life.

Have fun with this!

There are many books you can read on the topic of non-conformity and on being more yourself.

This article is only a brief discourse. It will help get you started with exploring alternative streams of consciousness.

In all affairs it's a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted. -Bertrand Russell Click To Tweet

Questions are the gateway to getting unstuck!​

Our learning and development is about the questions that we ask, and answers we find on that journey.

The goal is not to be a rebel. It’s to think, feel and act more in alignment with your own spirit and intuition.

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Can You Be More Yourself?