How Can We Have True Abundance?

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When we feel that “the world” is withholding from us and that we cannot have true abundance, our immediate reaction is to lock down generosity and focus on our own needs. We perceive a limited number of possessions, less available money, the hoarding of recognition and appreciation from the world.

A lack and scarcity mentality develops and the need for more worldly things to live a happy, fulfilled, and complete life, becomes our narrow-minded focus.

Forward Steps Latest Personal Development ProgrammeDeep down inside, we know it’s a gross life, to concern ourselves with, “me, me, and more me”. We fear not having enough; we are torn between compassion, generosity or fulfilling our own neediness. It is a sickening feeling because we want both: to give and receive. Fear, lack and scarcity usually wins and it says, “Well, what about me?”

We’re honest, hard working people, deserving of abundance. We give our time to volunteering, we give generously to various causes and provide well for our family. So, why aren’t we then granted the wealth and abundance we deserve? There are some people who do not care a lick about whether or not they are contributing to the world, yet they appear to live abundant lives?

Modern society tells us that in order to have happiness, fulfillment and peace, we need to work hard and accumulate possessions. It doesn’t always happen like that, does it? Once one thing is achieved, such as earning a higher salary, the need for more slowly creeps in. We find ourselves with a certain level of material comfort yet seeking a higher paid salary.

The merry-go-round of lack and scarcity, to achieving a few worldly comforts, to the need of more and back to the lack and scarcity, continues. Sound familiar?

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Simply because someone has many possessions and money, does not mean they experience abundance. External multiplicity is one form of abundance, not all that important, however, we are conditioned to believe so.

The mistake is thinking that one day when we have enough possessions, money, recognition or appreciation, we can have peace and ease in our lives. The challenges in life will disappear and never come back.

Of course, this point in time of having enough is never close. It’s always out there, somewhere in the future; therefore, many of us will work hard our entire lives, to reach that destination of paradise.

Have True Abundance article image 1Is it possible to have true abundance, feelings of prosperity and plenty, without being in the rat race of lack and scarcity? Yes. The path to true abundance is abundance within. In other words, you cannot have abundance without the feeling of abundance.

Many people believe that abundance comes from having a large number of possessions. However, that type of abundance leads to suffering. Our happiness and well-being becomes fleeting because that’s what impermanent external form is: fleeting. The only real control you have is your inner state of consciousness.

You can choose a positive state of being, a negative state of being, or a neutral state of being regardless of circumstances. What’s required is a shift in attention from the challenging or displeasing circumstance, towards inner abundance.

The grateful mind sees the acceptance and appreciation for what is in this moment. We can turn our attention away from the world of problems and look for “what’s good” in our life. Go ahead and try it on. What are you grateful for? Look to see what’s good in your life right now?

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We can express our gratitude and appreciation for our current income, food on our plate, the cup of coffee in our hand, the beautiful day, air for us to breathe, water to drink, or simply the fact that we are alive. The source of gratitude does not make a difference. What matters is authentic appreciation for what is in our range of experience.

Anyone can repeat, “thank you, thank you, thank you”, over and over again, with little meaning behind the words. We need to feel our words and thoughts of gratitude, to improve the quality of our life. That’s why we really want abundance, to improve the quality of our life.

Rather than using gratitude as a means to receiving abundance, which does not work, be grateful and appreciative because the quality of our inner life and perception, immediately improves.

Have True Abundance article image 3Over time, as we remain in this vibration of gratitude, we are in a better state to begin attracting prosperity in the form of good health, plenty of money, quality relationships and positive emotional health.

To improve our life and genuinely have true abundance, we want to be patient and tender with ourselves. Practice is needed, to absorb the abundant mindset and expunge lack and scarcity from our life.

Imagine that your current state of being is like a glass of cranberry juice. The cranberry juice represents the old conditioning of lack and scarcity. Having discovered the abundant mindset i.e. pure clear water, we want more of this clear water. Pour the water into the cranberry juice so it is diluted. Over time, the cranberry juice will be completely replaced with pure clean water and abundance abounds.

The perfect process for diluting the cranberry juice of lack and scarcity is the gratitude journal.

The gratitude journal is a writer’s log of the things we are grateful, each day. Simply make time at the end of the day, preferable right before we go to sleep at night, then journal the good things that happened today. We can list them line by line, all the authentic things of which we are appreciative.

For example: Thank you for the thirty minutes spent walking, talking, and holding my partner’s hand today. Thank you for the $100 earned today. Thank you for this moment in the sunshine. Thank you that I’m alive and healthy.

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A gratitude journal teaches your subconscious to consistently look for things to be thankful for – even on bad days. In fact, especially on the not so great days! It’s important to write the journal by hand and not typing onto a computer screen.

Have True Abundance article image 4A gratitude journal is a wonderful tool to open the door to abundance. Find the authentic appreciation in your current life and allow that appreciation to fill your being.

Make it a habit to write in your gratitude journal, every night, for the next month. You will notice the heavy cloud of the ego being lifted and a happier and healthier person emerging.

Be concrete and specific with your words of gratitude, nothing vague.

After you write each line of appreciation, sit in stillness with your appreciation. Feel the feelings of being authentically grateful. Notice how your inner state changes to a positive and healthy vibration.

Other people, life situations, and possessions are not necessary for abundance. As above, so below, as within, so without. The grateful mind is the abundance within and consequently attracts external abundance.

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When we feel that the world is not an abundant place, it’s because we have not allowed the space for abundance in our life. Our inner world has been filled with lack and scarcity, preventing the flow of abundance to fill our life. A grateful mind removes the stones of lack and scarcity and attracts abundance. We need train our mind to appreciate what is, looking for the good in life.

A grateful mind transforms our inner state to abundance and improves the quality of our life. In only a short period of time, our external life situations will shift, to match our abundant inner state. Look for prosperity to be the way of life now.

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This article was generously contributed by Nick Pfennigwerth, who used to help small business owners connect with their heart and larger vision so that they can make a difference and a healthy profit. At Big Heart Small Business, Nick applied his buddhist, spiritual, zen teachings into growing an authentic, heart centered business without the hype and strong arm tactics. Nick has now moved on to other things.

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How Can We Have True Abundance?How Can We Have True Abundance?How Can We Have True Abundance?