Life Can Be Anything You Make It

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Your life can be anything you make it. As shown in a new, uplifting, online, cinema film for those interested in personal development. Watch the trailer below.

Life can be anything blog post image 3(ad) Being In Heaven is the 90 minute feature film by Michael Domeyko Rowland and is now available for streaming and download.

You also receive a free 3 part course titled Creating A New Life, also by Michael Domeyko Rowland, the writer, director and star of (ad) Being In Heaven.

This is a story for those interested in moving their lives forward to new and more fulfilling experiences.

As you watch it, you will be drawn into a far deeper understanding of how you have created your life so far, and what you can do to change anything.

You will also learn how to give yourself a more fulfilling and deeper experience of living and awaken to states of ecstasy and bliss, that you never knew existed.

Come on a journey of revelation and awakening, and discover how…

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…and set you on a path of freedom and personal happiness.

(ad) Being In Heaven is unlike any other cinema film. Not only is it an extraordinary story with characters, it is also a transformational experience for you.

In a split second, your life can change forever.

Here below, is a brief synopsis and the trailer… 

Young and successful, Jason Masterman (Daniel Whyte) an Australian working in New York, loses all his money during the global financial crisis. He is thrown out of his home, loses his job and his girlfriend.

Life can be anything blog post image 1Jason returns home, to Sydney, to rebuild his life, where he gains part-time employment writing articles for a friend’s magazine.

For his first gig he is sent to an unusual restaurant, where he encounters a mysterious writer (Michael Domeyko Rowland), who specialises in uplifting people’s lives.

Then, in a stunning twist of fate, Jason is transported through time and realizes that his life can be anything he makes it, now that he has been given the tools.

The writer takes him on an inner journey into his past. Revealing to him the driving forces that caused his losses, ancient truths about the path to complete fulfillment and the way to transform his life, discovering how to gain real power over his own life.

As if awakened from a dream, Jason undergoes a transformation that will surprise and inspire you. Showing you that moving forward, and even radically changing one’s life, is possible for anyone who learns the way.

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(ad) Being In Heaven is a story that unlocks many secrets about how you can access the higher potentials you have within you, as well as the actual methods of experiencing real and true success in all areas of your life.

All this is wrapped in a film drama which you will think about many times once you have left the cinema.

Prepare to be stimulated and amazed!

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Life Can Be Anything You Make ItLife Can Be Anything You Make It