Power Of Symbols For Positive Energy Effect

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If you are someone who considers the jewellery you wear to be much more than something of beauty, who understands the power of symbols and intention and who seeks truly exceptional designs, then (ad) Ka Gold Jewelry is the best source of spiritual jewellery I have found.

Forward Steps Latest Personal Development ProgrammeIt’s worth your time to scroll through the rest of this page and view both the short videos about David Weitzman’s skills and passion for his unique creations.

David Weitzman’s pieces are always noticed and admired when you wear them and you can feel a tremendous positive energetic effect from wearing them, too.

When I want to buy a gift for someone I care for very much, I want the gift to express my caring. It’s what I will easily find at (ad) Ka Gold Jewelry

The pieces have the tradition and timelessness of gold and silver and the aesthetics, special shapes and forms which truly intrigue.

Last and not least, to make my choice of a gift, I have to really know what I want for this person, what am I wishing for them with this gift.

Although I didn’t make the gift myself, I need to involve myself to complete the giving.

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Are you someone for whom beauty and spirituality is a way of life?

Power Of Symbols - Forward Steps image 1500px_1If so, then (ad) definitely check out Ka Gold Jewelry!

David Weitzman is a cosmic jewellery artist. His biggest inspiration in designing sacred and symbolic jewellery comes in knowing he can impact people’s lives.

His work harnesses the power of spiritual symbols and sacred geometry from around the world to bring those wearing his sacred jewellery happiness, vitality, excitement and love.

David’s jewels are meticulously crafted to work on conscious and subconscious levels to inspire your life.

(ad) Ka Gold Jewelry features the cosmic jewellery of artist David Weitzman. His jewellery creations are simply irresistible.

What I like most about David’s work is that each jewel is molded with a special intention and meaning.

The jewels enhance our life with qualities such as love, courage and abundance. A reminder of what really is important in life.

David’s jewellery empowers you with the qualities you want to imbibe, the qualities you want to emulate.

His creations represent and uncover the latent potential in each and every one of us for joy, love and unity. Adorning these jewels is saying to your self and to the world, “I prioritize love, I enjoy life!”

Around the world in a jewel, that’s the challenge that artist David Weitzman has successfully taken up when designing his jewels.

Power Of Symbols - Forward Steps image 1500pxThe flood of responses from people telling him of the enormous changes in their lives, encouraged him to continue creating and distributing these symbols all over the world.

From the Egyptian Ankh to the Tibetan Aum, each jewel is a powerful symbol of life and inner peace, spanning different cultures and times.

David has done more than just copy ancient symbols of different cultures, he has added his own creative touch to them, bringing each symbol back to life.

To me, the jewels are not just the symbols on which they are based , not simply objects of beauty, they are a testimonial to the creative mind of humanity.

In ancient times we used to go to the shaman to the priests or Alchemist to find a solution to our problems. It seems, nowadays we go to the nearest pharmacy to try to find solutions.

The things that David does actually incorporates these ancient symbols in order to give you something much more deeper than a fast solution to your problems.

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When David creates these kinds of talismanic symbols or uses this kind of talismanic magic, he actually tries to find something that would be both meaningful and both powerful at the same time.

It will help you to find your inner power your inner strength and your path, your way actually.

Power Of Symbols - Forward Steps image 1500px_2This is quite different than finding a fast fix for your problems, something that is much more meaningful, something that is deeper than finding an easy solution.

This is something that takes time.

A talisman is considered to be a living being it is said to capture celestial virtues of the time of its creation.

In order to assemble a personal and individualized talisman, astrologer Michael Ofek takes a look at your chart and assesses powerful potentials in your chart and also the more stressful and problematic potential factors in your chart.

Michael elects the astrological configuration help support your natal gifts your natal powers and also counterbalance the native stressful factors.

In this way, it gives you a sense of wholeness, sense of balance, protection and helps you achieve your individual goals.

You can look at the symbols and actually find hidden meanings inside those symbols and find secrets.

You can find different pathways, you can find hidden doors inside each symbol, so it’s kind of a personal journey when you use one of these pieces that I create.

I hope that eventually you will able to use these in your personal life, to gain strength and to find your inner voice at the same time.

For your enjoyment, I will also leave you with another of David’s videos. One that has a story to tell while you watch his beautiful craftsmanship…

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The (ad) image of the Mayan World Tree is an accurate depiction of the Ceiba Tree with it’s bottle like trunk covered with thorns which reminded the ancient Mayan people the body of a crocodile.

Power Of Symbols - Mayan World Tree GoldThe crocodile tree became a symbol of the cosmos or the Milky way and the reason that David chose this symbol is because it is one of the first human symbols of the cosmos and because we are all eventually Starchildren.

The symbol originates from the worldview that aspires towards logical order in the chaotic universe.

This is a powerful symbol because it actually depicts pure consciousness.

It shows the human being, the star child looking and trying to understand itself, the universe.

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Every object that is hanging on the tree represents the tension between the lower world and the upper world and in this way turns into a very strong symbol of the storehouse of knowledge and wisdom.

Note: Jewelry vs. Jewellery. “Jewelry” is the American English spelling and “jewellery” is the British English spelling and also used in Australia. Canadian English uses both.

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Power Of Symbols For Positive Energy EffectPower Of Symbols For Positive Energy EffectPower Of Symbols For Positive Energy Effect