9 Ways To Develop Resilience And Grit

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You might be extremely skilled, talented, educated and brilliant.

Yet, if you do not develop resilience, persistence and grit, you might never make the most of those other attributes.

Think about the five most successful people you know.

On average, they’re possibly not all too talented.

However, they know how to get things done and they persist.

Resilience and grit might just be the missing ingredients in your quest for success.

Use these 9 techniques to increase or develop resilience and grit.

1. Stay in contact with others

When times are tough, it’s natural to crawl into a hole and be by yourself. This is a mistake. You’re more capable with a support system.

Forward Steps Personal Development Collection ImageGive up the idea that strong people take on the world by themselves.

You’re stronger when you have help and support. Maintain your relationships.

2. Hold higher hopes

It’s easier to stand strong when you expect things to improve and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Consider every bad time in your life. Haven’t things gotten better every single time?

When you know better times are ahead, grit and resilience are easier to demonstrate. Focus on a positive outcome.

3. Often, successful people are those with resilience

It might be easy to be wealthy and successful, however becoming wealthy and successful is not necessarily so.

The most successful people were willing to take on challenges that the average person might choose to circumvent or altogether avoid.

4. Taking excellent care of yourself will develop resilience

No matter what is going on in your life, you still need food, rest, love, exercise and fun. Take good care of yourself and you’ll be in a better position to weather challenges.

Many people neglect their physical needs during difficult times, yet this is a huge error.

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5. Be active rather than passive

It’s easier to last when you’re doing something to make progress. Rather than passively waiting for things to get better, take steps to improve the situation.

If there is something constructive you can do, do it.

6. Give yourself mental breaks

No matter how resilient you may be, take regular breaks to recharge your batteries. What is your favorite way to take a mental break?

You could watch a movie, read a book or go play horseshoes with a friend. Do whatever works for you.

7. Remember adversities you’ve already overcome

No one’s life is smooth sailing 100% of the time. You’ve already overcome many obstacles.

Remind yourself of your past successes during challenging times, right back from childhood. You’ll have the fortitude and motivation to continue.

8. Live a life grounded in your interests

If you have a job you hate, it’s hard to have a lot of grit and resilience. It’s much easier to have perseverance while doing something you love.

Find a career and hobbies that you love. The need for grit is much lower!

9. Keep company with resilient people

You’ll become a stronger person if you hang out with strong people. Seek out the people you want to be more like.

You become more like the people you spend the most time with. Choose your friends wisely. Share on X

What could you do with your life if you were the most resilient and gritty person you knew?

You’d be unstoppable!

Many people spend their time trying to improve their skills.

It might be more productive to learn how to apply your skills regardless of the situation.

Build resilience and grit into your life and enjoy greater success.

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Hi, I'm Thea Westra at Forward Steps (forwardstepsblog.com)

Hi, I'm Thea Westra at Forward Steps (forwardstepsblog.com)

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9 Ways To Develop Resilience And Grit