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This is likely an audio to which you will want to return several times. I decided to place the “This Will Change Your Life” audio into a video for you, with nice scenery to view while listening.

Stephen Pierce speaks about how money is an effect, not a cause. He goes into the areas of mind management, the truth about money and taking action. The cause is mind. The effects can be psychological, financial, physical, functional or systemic.

Forward Steps Personal Development Collection ImageWithout a doubt, you will hear things that you have heard before. How about this time, listen without saying those words in your mind, “I’ve heard this before“? Listen as though you have NEVER heard this, ever before. This will change your life!

To truly benefit from what’s at this page, you need to set aside a good hour and focus on nothing else except listening to what Stephen has to say.

I know you’ve heard that before, too. Trust me on this one! This is worth it and could change your life if you truly take this information on board.

If you listen without your usual “mind filters” (the ones that block out familiar information) and if you take on board all that Stephen says, then this audio WILL change your life.

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If you walk away with the thought of, “that’s very nice and I already know that” then what will change for you, in the next year of your life?

What you want from life will not be found in, “Is this easy and convenient?”. What will make you great is found in the world of, “Is this worth it?”. Listen as Stephen expands on that conversation, and so much more…

You are more than welcome to download the MP3 and use it wherever you would like. Stephen gave us that permission (listen for that, near end of the video).

Parts of the video transcript below , might have small errors. I apologize in advance for any you may find.

Here’s the “This Will Change Your Life” audio transcript

Hi, this is Steven Pearson. I want to thank you for taking the time to listen to this audio. And in fact, the fact that you’re actually listening to this audio means somebody cares about you enough to want you to be able to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

What you’re about to listen to is a 60 minute presentation from a live event that I did. And the reason I’m sharing this with you is because to my shock and pleasant surprise, the impact that this short 60 minutes session has had on those that have listened to it has been nothing short of amazing. So what I want you to do is I want you to take off your do not disturb sign, meaning you know, “I know that already” or any of those types of ideas and I want you to listen because the ideas, the concepts that I’m about to share with you here are the base and the foundation of all transformation.

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It will help you to understand how to succeed regardless of what it is you pick to succeed in, regardless of your business, regardless of your chosen field, doesn’t even matter. What you want to get here is the core fundamental foundational elements that can help you to succeed. So whatever it is you’re working in, whatever business it is or whatever job it is, or whatever career it is, or even if it’s sports or some kind of athletics, I feel that after you finish listening to the 60 minutes, you want to be able to go much further, much faster. At least, that’s my hope. And if the impact on you is even a partial of the impact that has had on those that listened to this live, then I have a high degree of confidence that your life will definitely be transformed. So what we’re going to do now is we’re going to go head to, this live event and I want you to enjoy, not come right back here with you after you listen to this 60 minutes to make sure your undisturbed okay. And make sure you pay attention to what it is I’m going to be sharing with you for the next 60 minutes.

You ready?

Okay, so we have 60 minutes and I want to go over something that is probably going to be one of the most significant things you ever cover in your entire life, but first I want you to think is 12 months from that. It’s a Saturday and you’re doing a check or checking in on your bank balance. So what do you want to see? This is for real. It’s 12 months from now. It’s a beautiful Saturday and you’re looking at your checking account balance. Maybe you logged in online, maybe you went to the ATM. What do you want to see? I want you to write that number down seriously and don’t fall into the trap of writing down what you think you can get. Write down what it is you really, really want. Just whatever the number is, you can hit that number. If your willingness matches what it is you want, your willingness to do whatever it takes. And what I’m going to share with you here in these next 60 minutes is exactly how you can make that happen. “This will change your life”. Come on now. Now, I want you look at somebody and tell them, “this will change your life”. Look at somebody and tell them.

Look at somebody else and tell them.

And it will and it is. So what it is I’ve done is, I’ve looked to simplify this for you so that you can really understand it and take this. And understand if you do this, if you do exactly what it is I’m about to share with you here, your life will never be the same. Just as sure as a caterpillar becomes a butterfly and just insurance in acorn becomes an oak street. This has worked 100% of the time. 100% of the time. This is the combination. This is the key. This is the thing that’s going to make you what it is you’ve ultimately wanted to be. Have you to experience everything it is. You want it to experience you guys ready for this? It’s going to blow your head off, but this is real. This is real. At the end of the day, this is what makes it work, okay, so I put it together in three different areas and you will want to write this stuff down.

Okay? I have an area of mind management, okay? I have an area of the truth about money, okay? And I have an area of taking action. One of the first things that you need to understand is that money is an effect. It’s not a cause. So money is an effect is not a cause, but before I go a little bit deeper into that, I want you to understand there are actually five types of effects, okay? You have what I call psychological effects, okay? Those are like your mental effects. You have what are called financial effects, okay? You have what are called physical effects, what I call functional effects and what I call systemic effects. Now, we won’t talk about these right here. What I want to talk about is the psychological effects, okay? Let’s talk a logical effects. Interesting enough, cause is mind. Mind is the cause.

This Will Change Your Life - Forward Steps image_1Money is the effect. Are you following me here? Now, how can there be a psychological effect but at the same time, mine is the cause? How many of you know we have for the most part two parts of the brain? We have the conscious and the subconscious, right? The subjective and objective. Well think of your mind like this. Think of your mind, your conscious mind, the mind that you’re using right now to pay attention. Paying attention to me and everybody else in this room, as the captain of the ship, and look at your subconscious mind as being all of the other soldiers on the ship and the only thing that it does is follow the instructions that the captain gives you. Follow me. It’s like I like to tell people that this whole life thing is a mind game and you are both the coach and the player.

Your conscious mind is the coach. Your subconscious mind with the players and the players are only going to do what you instruct them to do. How many of you are following along so far now? Well, how is it we go about coaching ourselves? There’s five things. These are the five primary things. Okay. What are you focusing on? Okay. What are you saying to yourself? You can just call that language. Okay. What images do you see? Okay. What are you feeling and what are you believing? Now I want you to think for a minute, think about a time where you had an opportunity to do something and you did not do it. Cause just for some reason felt like it was not going to work for you. I want you to go back to the time and look at it. What were you actually focusing on when you focusing on the past or were you focusing on the future and if you didn’t do it and you were focusing on the past, you were probably focusing on how something just like that or similar to that or just something all together did not work.

How many understand what I’m talking about? Yes. That’s what we were focusing on and if we were focusing on the future, we’ll probably be focusing on how it probably won’t work and maybe how embarrassed you would be and how humiliating it will be if it doesn’t work or how you may be outcast from your inner circle or whatever. Okay. What about what you were saying to yourself, the language you were using, was it constructive or destructive? Chances are it was destructive, right or wrong? Right or wrong? It was destructive. Now what about the images you see? Did you see the images of you losing all your money? Maybe you losing your home or losing your friends or losing your self esteem. The images of it didn’t working or not working or is not working or whatever. Whatever those images were, the images were negative and they did not support you. Right or wrong?

What about feelings? Feeling very apprehensive, feeling very, very afraid, right? Which is ultimately reinforced by all of those things. And then what were you believing? Maybe you were believing that that stuff works for other people. That stuff doesn’t work for you or you tried that before? How many of you understand what I’m talking about. Now let’s take this same scenario and think about something that was new to you that you did do, but you actually went out there and did and you got it done. What were you focusing on? The past or the future? If you were thinking about the past, you were probably thinking about how you did something similar to that or just like that or whatever and it did work. How many understand what I’m talking about? Or if you’re focusing on the future. You’re focusing on, “Oh my gosh, if this thing works out, it’s going to be unbelievable”, so you were focusing on the upside versus focusing on the downside. Are you following me here? What about what you were saying to yourself? You’re probably saying to yourself, I can do this. This is unbelievable. I’m also more, I’m a genius or whatever it is, but whatever it is you were saying to yourself, was constructive and supporting you versus destructive or bringing you down.

How many of you are following here? Now think about the images you were probably having all these images of the great success, of the satisfying relationship or whatever the case may be. Maybe there was something you wanted to experience in your body or your finances or whatever, but the images you were holding in your mind, were supporting the positive action and moving forward and getting it done. What were you feeling? You were probably feeling extremely empowered and powerful at the same time, and what were you believing? You were believing that this is something that you can do, right? How many are following me here. Every single one of these are a conscious choice and each one of these that you select, positive or negative, is fed to your subconscious mind and your subconscious mind is not going to argue with you. It does not engage in arguments. It does not differentiate between something that is negative or something that is positive. It will just follow through on whatever it is you feed it.

Your subconscious mind is not going to argue with you. It does not engage in arguments. It will just follow through on whatever it is you feed it. Share on X

Are you following me here? But the most horrible thing about this is because this is the calls and where you are right now financially. It’s an effect of all of these. Now, one other thing you need to understand about effects is that there are three natures of effects, cascading effects, collateral effects and cumulative effects. The effect that is probably most damaging is the one that is a cascading effect. Because think about this. Think about a person when they’d look at their money and they look at how much money they don’t have or how poor they believe that they are, how do they start to feel physically in their body or in their stomach? Do they feel good? Yes or no? No. Now, when I talk about function, you know, functional effects. Functional effects is your ability to do your job. Whatever your job is. You ever have something break you down mentally, then physically you just could not do what it is you’re supposed to do? Now, systemically, I’m talking about teams and units like your family. Ever had something bad happen to you mentally or you look at your money, now you’re just pissed off? It happens to traders a lot. The trader has a bad day. Now all of a sudden he’s taking it out on his family. They don’t talk about it. Sometimes they take it out on the family by taking their own life. They leave the family just horrified for many, many years because they committed suicide over their money.

It all starts here, but he good news is you have absolute total control over this.

Now, you may not be able to control what person comes into your life and says something negative to you, but you can’t control the amount of awareness and energy you give to. Yes. One of my mentors told me, you can’t stop a bird from flying over your head, but you sure as heck can stop it from building a nest on it. You know what I mean? So you may not be able to stop somebody from coming in and calling you all kinds of negative things or maybe trying to keep you a prison to your past. Cause some people will try to do that. Some people will try to keep you chained to your past. But you do have the ability to choose to say no. That’s not how it is. It’s to not give them any awareness and not give them any energy. Every single successful person has this mental muscle. Every single one. Every single one. So mind management. What’s the first one? Who can say it? Money is what? Money is an effect, right? So if you want to change what’s in your hand, you have to change what’s in your head.

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Are you following me?

If you don’t like your money, you got to get your mind together. Here’s the thing. I don’t make up these rules. These are just the laws and the laws do not need your permission to work. These are the facts. In ignoring the facts, don’t change the facts. So you have a choice. You can understand what the laws are and what the forces are that are creating and shaping wealthy people filled with financial abundance in even physical abundance or you can ignore them. It doesn’t matter. But if you want to become successful, you need to align yourself with how this stuff works. Are you following me here? Now the second thing that all of us understand, and you want to write this one down, you cannot make money and excuses at the same time. You cannot make money and excuses at the same time, but some of us tried to live in that dual world. It’s like mixing all in water.

This Will Change Your Life - Forward Steps image_3See, here’s the thing that I discovered about myself in other extremely people. Our rule of measurement is not the measurement that the poor use, which is, is it easy and convenient? Our rule of measurement is, is it worth it? Are you following me? See, many people, they look at stuff and it’s like, “Aw man, that’s, you know, that’s too hard”. Or “Ah, you know what? That costs too much.” That’s the poor man’s thinking that. A person that becomes wealthy, they have one rule of measurement. Is it worth it? Yes, it is. If this is worth it, it doesn’t matter if it’s easy or if it’s hard or if it’s convenient because it’s worth it. Are you following me? It’s like, if you had to save a loved one, are you going to say yes, that ain’t easy? No, because what your family means to you, automatically, it’s what? Worth it. We automatically know that it’s worth it. But what are some of the excuses we give ourselves? What’s the one of the popular ones? I can’t afford it. Right? Or I don’t have enough time. I don’t have enough money. Right?

It’s a poor man’s thinking pattern. A poor man’s language. What do you mean, you don’t have enough time? You Think Bill Gates has a 26th hour of the day? No successful person has an extra hour. It’s called time management. And we manage our time, not by a book or a piece of software, but by what we value the most. That’s how time is managed, by what’s worth it. Not by what’s easy or convenient. It’s easy or convenient to sit down and watch television.

What do you mean, you don't have enough time? You Think Bill Gates has a 26th hour of the day? No successful person has an extra hour. Share on X

What destroys more lives than anything else is that many people will do what is convenient and comfortable instead of what would make them great. But what will make you great is not found in the world of easy and convenient.

You’ll never find it there, so stop looking. I’m not saying that you go through life looking for struggle, but you shouldn’t go into shock and dismay when a struggle shows up or when a challenge appears. That’s just par for the course. Just like when you’re in school and you get a test, you’re not like going to the principal’s office, complaining that the teacher’s giving us a test. Right? It’s like ridiculous. Listen, I didn’t stick around in school long enough to get as many tests as you guys probably got, but I know that they give out tests. Now, you may have a few students groan, but the test is expected. So have to stop complaining. You have to stop making excuses. I think some of us have a gene that’s just an excuse gene, and we need to extract that gene out of our bloodstream.

We need to get rid of it. Make it disappeared. So one of the things you can do, very simple, again, because you’ll have these different thoughts that come to your mind, there will, in one of the enemies of new thinking is old thinking. Your old thinking patterns were trying to suffocate your new thinking patterns, but you have to do something about that. So one of the things to do that is really easy is when I’ve thought of “I can’t” comes to mind or that thought of, “I don’t have enough time or I don’t have enough money” comes to mind, you immediately can say “Stop” and then replace it immediately with an “I can” thought or an “I do” thought, you follow me? So I want you to think about something that you feel as if, you can’t do or you don’t have enough time to do or you feel as if you don’t have enough money to do. There’s people here today because they felt like they didn’t have enough time.


How we spend our time’s just a choice. So what is the priority to us?

I forgot who said it, but it’s interesting and you were talking about the way lives are destroyed. It’s not a result of one bad decision, but it’s that same error in judgment, over a period of time. See not one cigarette that kills a person, but it’s that same error in judgment over a certain period of time. A person didn’t get liver failure from one sip of the bottle, but it’s the same error in judgment over a long period of time. A person’s business doesn’t work out, not because they didn’t do the marketing one day, but they didn’t do the marketing for an extended period of time. You follow me? You don’t become a estranged from your family because you didn’t see them one day become estranged from the family because you didn’t see them for a long period of time. Are you following me here? But let’s go back. It’s all a choice. It’s all a decision. The one thing that we can control. Many of us spend so much of our time frustrated about things that bother us that we have no freaking control over. Many of you are concerned and worried about crap that hasn’t even happened yet in the future.

This Will Change Your Life - Forward Steps image_5How do you do that to yourself? How can you believe in so many different destructive things? How can you give your time and and energy to so many different things that only serve to tear you down and hold you back and keep you in prison? You’re walking around free people, but you might as well being in a state pen somewhere because of the way you think, you’re in prison. We’re prisoners of our own thoughts and it shouldn’t be that way. People that become wealthy understand that to liberate your finances, you have to liberate your thinking.

And do not allow yourself to succumb to the thought and ego of somebody that’s sitting next to you. Don’t allow them to dictate how you should live your life. Be Free. Stop giving excuses. Gosh, you got to remember that you can’t make money in excuses at the same time. You can’t.

So I want you to think about something that you felt like you couldn’t do or that you feel like you can’t do right now? And we want to practice it. Okay? The moment that thought comes to mind, would you just say stop. Don’t want you to scream it out. Don’t whisper it. I want you to get it from your gut as if you are completely rejecting it. Almost as if a dog was about to attack your kid. Or maybe the dog is about to attack you, okay? Or something bad was about to happen and you wanted it to stop. And the way to get it to stop is the force and energy that you put out from your gut? Okay. How many guys gonna play along with me? All right, so thinking about one thing that’s negative, all right, ready? Stop. Come on. You can be better than that.

I’m talking about serious. Don’t say stop like “kind of stop”. You want your stop to be like, you know, get the, you know, go to hell. You know what I mean? Seriously tell “I can’t” to go to hell it, you have to bury it. You can’t allow it to stay around. Okay? So I want you to think about it. Think about it again. Whatever that I can get is, or that you can’t do it or you won’t do it or, or you don’t have time, you don’t have money. Whatever it is, reject that thought. All right? Think about that thought. Ready, go. Stop! Good. Now immediately after you say stop, I want you to think about the, I can, I can, I can do it, I do have enough time, I do have enough money. Okay? Immediately, but moment you go from, “I can’t” stop and immediately replace it with the “I can” thought. Period, without question. And it can’t be, I can’t, you know what I mean?

Like “Can I really?” No, it has to be, you know that you can. You know that most people who become successful said “they can”, even when they have no freaking idea how they’re going to do it. How do you think Bill Gates sold IBM on that whole deal? He went in and said, “We’ll deliver it in three weeks” and he walked out. He was like, “Oh shoot, how are we going to do that?” When he went in there and said, we can do it, because see sometimes when you say you can, you get just enough of that pressure on you to get you to perform. It’s like asking if they say that if they’re playing against a team that’s sub-par that doesn’t really challenge them, it’s hard for them to dig deep to bring out their best game, but when they are really, really challenged, the best of them comes in and they perform at their peak levels.

You know that most people who become successful said 'they can', even when they have no freaking idea how they're going to do it. Share on X

See, many of us are making decisions based on what we feel as if we can do. So what it is, we have to have enough information in advance to know how we’re going to deliver on it.

That’s not how you live your life.

So what that means is that you’re making your decisions and trying to build your life based on what it is you have, and not based on what it is you want.

See when a person is going to build a house and they do the diagram and the blueprints, do they first say, hold on, before we do the blueprint, let’s go in and check and see how much rig we got, and all this kind of stuff. Let’s check to see what inventory we have. Just ridiculous. What do you want to build right now? Let’s go be resourceful and get it and make it happen. How many following? Okay, so we’re going to do it again. And here’s the thing. You want to practice this continuously, continuously. But why? Because you going to continuously have thoughts that “I can’t” and “All I got is” and you know, “I don’t have time and don’t have money and I don’t have the relationships” or whatever. But you have the power to reject those thoughts and replace them immediately with the thought that supports you. I do that all the time. I, I started using the word stop but I used to use the word cancel. I’d be like “Cancel” immediately and I would scream it out, to cancel that thought that was coming here. But can you imagine what my life was like? I was walking around. It’s almost seems like every five minutes. Cancel, cancel, cancel. Cause I had so many negative thoughts coming. Cancel! Cause I was trying my best and sometimes I’d be sitting there quietly, I can hear myself screaming, cancel by my head. Cause I will say it that many times.

But do you know that every single successful person that I know, they practice this, they practice this in some form or another, because everybody has negative thoughts. Because when a person makes a certain amount of money, now they’re ready to take it to another level. There’s new challenges. There’s new fears. There’s new doubts. Just that new challenge of what you stand for, what you really believe is possible. You have to once again, cancel out the negativity that comes in. Otherwise it doesn’t matter what the opportunities are. It doesn’t matter what it is you want to hear over these next four days. Doesn’t matter because it’s like, well, that’s interesting, but I can’t. Oh, that’s interesting, but I don’t have time. Oh, that’s interesting, but I don’t have the money. So what happens ultimately, is you drown in a sea of opportunity.

This Will Change Your Life - Forward Steps image_6See once people lived their life thinking they’re drowning in a sea of debt. No, they’re drowning in a sea of opportunity. And you’re drowning, not because you can’t take advantage of it. You’re drowning because of the way you think about it. See, it’s never really a question what’s possible. The question is what you believe is possible for you.

That’s the real question. That’s the real question. Not what’s possible What’s possible is not a question at all? Look at the life that we live. Look at where this world was a hundred years ago. Heck, look at where it was 25 years ago or 10 years ago. In all the new things that we experienced, there are effects, internet’s an effect, cell phones are an effect. Airplanes are an effect of somebody’s mind.

The rules are no different for you. How many of you understand what I’m talking about. Okay. So one more time. We’re gonna cancel out something to replace it with “I can” or “I do”. All right. Ready? Think of that “I can’t”. Go, “Stop!”. Now get that I can, I can, I can, I can, in your mind or that, I do. And this is something you want to practice. Practice continuously. I do this at home. I do it in my office when nobody’s around, all the time. I go in and go scream at the top of my freaking lungs what it is I can do and what it is I can handle. Cause sometimes I’ll catch myself during the day like, oh, this is too much. No, I don’t want to do that. So I have to go back and be like, I can handle this. I can deal with this. I can do this. For a single person to say that they are not challenged in that particular way, they’re lying to you and I would run away quickly because they’re not being truthful. They’re not being truthful. Every single one of us are plagued with these kinds of thoughts. Every single one of us.

But the difference is do you let the negative thought hold the stronger posture or do you let the positive thought hold the strongest posture? Whichever side has the strongest posture, it’s going to be the side that wins. It’s gonna manifest itself in your life. So the second one is what? What’s the second one? Come on. You can’t make money and excuses at the same time. Right? Now, truth about money. Interesting. One thing that all of us that make a lot of money, know. You leverage debt. You leverage debt. Debt is good. Debt is really freaking good if you know what to do with it. Some people’s idea is they want to get out of debt, you know. Get out of bad debt. Then get into good debt. Why do you think real estate investors are ready? You think Donald Trump is using his own money to build all these buildings? Huh? What do you think the freaking stock market is? It’s a bunch of companies, thousands of them using other people’s money.

Isn’t that what they’re doing right or wrong? Many of you here probably know how Spike Lou started a long time ago, he took multiple credit cards and he started his Frozen movie. He became incredibly rich. See, here’s the thing that you got to understand. You may not be able to go get a business loan, but if you have a credit card, you have a bank phone where there says, use me. Let’s see. The problem is the thinking behind the card. Most people use it to get frivolous stuff that depreciates the moment they buy it, right? As opposed to investing it in stuff that appreciates, that can give them a positive ROI versus a negative ROI.

Are you following me? Yes sir. You will never find an intelligent, wealthy person talking about how debt is bad. Now that is bad. If you use a credit card to buy something that, is like ridiculous, like a watch. Come on, unless it’s some kind of classic collectible watch that you’ve got a huge discount on, that you know you can go resell someplace. You know what they call those people? Well, for one you’re in prison to your credit card because your credit card bill shows up and it’s like “Geez, freaking ways”, and you end up paying what’s called idiot tax. With just the interest rates on the credit card. You get taxed by the government and the electric credit car company statute for stuff that has no more value.

Well, see, then you have a bunch of smart people. They literally go out there and try to get as many freaking credit cards as they can because they know that I’m going to put my money into this and I’m going to get this kind of return. I’m going to pop to put the profits in my bank and I’m going to pay off the credit card and I’m going to do it all over again. I was just having this conversation briefly with some of my friends. I have one friend, we were talking about how he does his advertising and he’s like, “Hey man, all I do is I go in and negotiate a net 30 to 60 day terms and in the moment my advertising bill comes in, I charge it to my credit card to get another 30 days and then when the credit card bill comes in, I’ll pay the whole thing off and I don’t have to pay any interest”. So he basically gets 60 to 90 days to float to preserve his cash. So the cash never really goes down. He takes the profits from the ads, puts it into the bank, the cash goes up, pays off the credit, repeat cycle.

It’s genius. How many here have a credit card? You’re, genius. You qualified for a freaking credit card, do you how many people don’t qualify for credit? Now, some of them probably don’t need a credit card because their life would probably be worse, cause they want a credit card to buy things that they in a net liquid cash account are not able to afford. See, many people use a credit card to batter themselves, to create a situation where they’re further in debt and they kind of have this display of wealth but they have no wealth, they’re slaves to the credit cards. Now they need a credit card, some kind of company to help to arbitrate and to do their debt reduction. They become a slave. You’re going to understand that this world is filled with financing. This entire world is filled with financing. It’s what I do. The advertising that I pay for, I put on a credit card. I put on a freaking credit card. Why not? Put it on credit card get the bill paid off.

That’s normal business amongst wealthy people.That’s normal. So there’s good debt and there’s bad debt. How many understand the difference? If you had the opportunity to buy a piece of property that was valued at $500,000? Which means that you can buy this property and so I was going to sell it to you for $100,000 but it’s valued at 500, you’d have $400,000 in instant equity, but you had no cash to do it. How many of you would figure out how to get the hundred thousand dollars? You see the opportunity, right? Are you freaking kidding me? If you had to go get a bunch of people together to invest in it, you would do it right. That’s what investors do in stocks all the time, they’re looking at a company, they’re evaluating the fundamentals of the company or whatever. Okay, this company looks like it’s going to be a good investment. I am going to give this company my money and wants to get a return on this investment. The company then takes their money, not their own, other people’s money.

This is such big business. You have what are called angel investors. There are people that are out there in all they look to do is give you their money. So that they can get a return on it. And there’s people out there that say, I will take your money and give you a return on it. So I will go in debt to you so that we can all win. I understand what I’m talking about. Got to get your mind right. The money ain’t right cause the mind ain’t right. Have to have a different perspective on how you go about using and leveraging your finances. Forget about all that bad debt, but see, here’s the enemy. The old experiences with the bad debt will make you fearful of getting into good debt. Are you following me?

This Will Change Your Life - Forward Steps image_7And you can’t allow that to happen. What do you have to do? Stop. Right? I’d be like, I can do this. I can do this. I absolutely can do this. And you be intelligent about this, calculate the returns? That’s what wealthy people do. They look at that and here’s the evaluation. It’s not can I afford it? It’s, is it worth it? You see the different evaluation? See if it was, can they afforded it, many people won’t make the investment, but if it’s worth it, they’ll make the investment because they’re going to get the return. Okay, so what’s the number one, the truth about money? Leveraged debt, right?

Number two, about the truth about money? Money never sleeps. But you do. So you need to find a system that allows you to make money 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

So how many of you right now you kind of like have a timeframe on how much money you can make. Like you work eight hours, you can pay for the eight hours work a four day, get paid for a full day or whatever. But when you’re off not working, money is still doing this thing. Yes, money never sleeps. Think about that.

Money never ever sleeps. So wouldn’t it be just ideal to be in the position that since money wants to stay awake, you might as well let it continue to circulate towards you. It’s wide awake so I might as well be wide open to get it. Listen, the name of the game when you understand that money never sleeps is that it’s about passive residual income. Passive residual income.

It’s the name of the game and you combine the idea that money never sleeps with passive residual income, you start to tap into what all those people that make a ton of money already understand. We want hands free systems that work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For example, how many of you remember the blackout a few years ago and the cuts through the blackout, well through the blackout were limiting Michigan, we don’t have power for like 24 hours. So we’re like playing uno cards or whatever. It wasn’t oh monopoly or something. And looking at this, I’d never seen the stars. You know, before that, I never took the time to like look up at the sky. I didn’t really have anything else to do, couldn’t play video games, couldn’t do anything. So I’m looking at, my man, the sky and I’m thinking, I’m seeing like UFOs and stuff. I had like this wild imagination. It’s like I’m seeing stuff move and it’s like, no, it made a turn. I’m talking to my wife. I said, no, it turned. Yup. So there we are, but all along while I’m sitting here in this imaginary world of seeing UFOs, when our power came back on, I’m looking, checked a couple of sites. I think it was like two sites that I had checked up to that point had made over $5,000 while we were sitting in the dark. Listen, money ever sleeps. Money never sleeps. I remember one day when we’re traveling overseas, I went back and looked into our account and just one of my products had done over $11,000 during the time that we were flying.

You, you’re like, well, how come you didn’t keep flying? Right? If I take another trip, just keep flying around the world until the number changes. Money, never sleep. Yeah, set it to have the right systems invoice. That’s it. And you want to learn about different kinds of systems while you’re here. That you can get into that you can put into place, but you got to remember that money never sleeps. When you stop working, you stop getting paid. The wealthy people and intelligent people are not working but still getting paid. When you decide to take a time off or take a break, still getting paid because what we did is we got into a line in with the consciousness of money, if you want to call it that, money is not asleep, is always awake, so let me do what I see, what I can do to have that money to come towards me while it’s still awake.

It’s going to go to somebody. Why don’t you? It’s like one of the things Donny Deutsch wrote in his book, why not me? Why not you? In the moment he asked himself that question, he went from a moderately successful advertising agency to one that’s worth over $2.3 billion (with a b). When he asked the question, why not me? Why not you? You’re here. Why not you? People come in this, these kind of rooms all the time. They sit there where you’re sitting and they make a decision to completely change their life and they start to experience the same thing that you can express. So why not? So what is it? What’s the second one and the truth about money. Money never sleeps. Money never sleeps. Now taking action. We know nothing happens until you take action.

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One thing that I know about wealthy people is that we constantly move to take advantage of other people’s wisdom. For those of you that have been here, they’ve been to our house. You’ve seen the library that I have. Yes, I am a student of every single person I can find. I mean I have my average Amazon bill was like $2,000 a month and to be fair, maybe a couple hundred bucks has to do with movies, but the rest of it is not, right? I love watching movies, blue rayed this, love it, but the majority of it is books and stuff. Just continuing to feed my mind. I don’t go buy one book and that’s a product of the Amazon system. They kind of like trap you, don’t you think it’s like, “Ooh, that looks good”. I go in, I want to get one book and I average like five at a time. Right. And I have the blocks to stacked up and I have my schedule on when I start to plow through all my new material and people’s courses and ran it. I mean, I’m pretty privileged to have people send me their stuff, but I’ll buy their stuff. While you might have to refund the that they find out that I bought it though, they’ll refund it, but I’ll spend two thousand, three thousand, four thousand, five thousand dollars on courses, like that. They had three new courses arrived last week. Well, whatever, right this week.

Why? I’m a student. I’m a student. The people that make the most money have the biggest libraries. The people that want to make money but are not making the money, have the smallest libraries.

Or they have too many books that look brand new. You know what I mean? Like you go in their house, it’s like, “Oh man, I read this book. This is great. Did you just get it?” “No, I had it for years”, but it looked like it was just fresh off the bookstore shelf, right. You open it up, you hear the little ping, all right. I mean at least you can fake like you’re reading, go in and dog ear or some stuff and just highlight some stuff in it. It makes sense. If I’m like, man, you know, they make you believe, at least make me make you feel good. People walking through my closet and I’m like looking around. I’m like, it just feels good standing in there, doesn’t it? You just look at all this stuff. You’re like, why don’t you just walk out and you just feel like you’re like like an intellectual genius or something.

Just being around that much information. It’s the truth. I literally plow through information because things are changing so much. The one thing that I learned a long time ago that wealthy people know is that you have to have the right information. You have to have it right now and you have to do something with it, period. And if there’s one market that’s more sensitive to that than any market is people that trade futures and commodities, stocks, they have to have the right fundamental or technical information on the instrument they want to trade. You need to have the right man. They have to immediately do something with it, immediately.

If they don’t then they’re stuck. They’re stuck, but the thing that I found that separates the person that is willing to make the investment in themselves, make the investment into their future are the people that understand it’s worth it. It’s not about, oh, is this easy? It’s not about, oh, is this convenient? It’s not about, Oh, is this affordable? It’s about, is it worth it? How many, of you would say your family is worth a better future? How many would say your work a better future. Then you have to understand that every place we want to get to requires another investment of time, of money, of energy. It’s not about do you have enough time right now? It’s not about do you have enough money right now? It’s about, are you going to be resourceful enough to get the money and rearrange a schedule so that the time becomes available to do what it is you need to do to get to where it is you want to go? The future is not going to wait for you, so you have to go ahead and do something immediately to make sure what it is you ultimately want to experience in life because your reality and that you actually experience it. But sometimes we get trapped in fear.

You know, fear becomes one of those things that we struggle with. I think Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best, just do the thing and have the power. He didn’t say, talk about the day, look at the thing, contemplate the thing, share the thing with your friends, huddle about the thing. Do the damn thing and have the power. You don’t have power just staring it down.

Do the thing and you will have the power. -Ralph Waldo Emerson Share on X

Imagine two boxers, getting the ring. You want to win. You think that you can win just by being in the middle of the ring, staring him down. No. You have to kick some butt or you get the bucket, right? See, there’s no middle ground here. You can’t really live a mediocre life. Either your life sucks or your life is excelling. There is no middle ground. Either you are growing or you are dying, that’s just the cycle of life, period.

That’s just simply how it works. And with a few minutes left, I want to kind of share with you a model, to kind of give you a realistic expectation of how this whole thing works. But I’ll take an action thing. What’s the first one? They take advantage of other people’s wisdom. And the second thing is they’re decisive and they take advantage of opportunities immediately. Decisive and take advantage of opportunities immediately. When? Immediately. Immediately means right now. But one of the things that I found out, and I’ve traveled around the world, I mean literally around the world and have spoken before tens of thousands of people and had the privilege of helping thousands of people. And I’ve come to understand that what really prevents people from becoming successful is that they extract time from the recipe and the ingredients. It’s like, aborting a baby. You extract time. So the baby never grows, right? How many of you here have kids? How many of you, in three months, you went to your wife and said, where’s the baby? Anybody? Does that even make sense? How many of you have a garden? How many here know what a garden is?

Now think about it. If you have a garden or you know what a garden is and you plant seeds in the ground, do you come back the next day kicking dirt, pissed off because you don’t have your fruits or veggies and flowers? Yes or no? No, of course not. And why is that the case? Because you understand the process. Come on now. Most people overestimate, get this, they overestimate how fast something can happen and they underestimate what’s required of them to make it happen.

But everything has a cycle. Everything is a process. Think about life, right? You are born, then you grow, you mature, you die, right? We can’t escape the fact. Two things we know for certain. And taxes ain’t one of them, ask Wesley Snipes, right? He wasn’t certain about taxes, right? The government showed him how voluntary it is. Right? Now, one thing we know for sure, you were born, right? Another thing we know for sure, you ain’t getting none of his game a lot, right? So we might as well understand how this game works and we kick butt while we’re planning. Why hold back? You will die and leave everything behind anyway. Why allow your memory to be a spineless person that chicaned to the opinions of other people. They could not muster up their own energy and get in touch with their own identity to live life on their terms.

Why let that be your legacy? Why let that be the example you set for your kids? Why say it’s okay to be spineless? It’s okay to allow your identity to be defined and shaped by their opinions of other people. Don’t let that be you. You are worth more than that. You deserve more than that. And so does your family.

You have the opportunity right now to be their leader and to be their hero. In My family, I was the first person to ever become wealthy. If I would’ve followed their path, I’d probably been in the middle of churning out a regular job, but good for me. You have to have at least a GED® to get in the military. But I didn’t have one. So when my dad was saying that, I was like, it ain’t an option. Right? Plus I got fat feet and asthma. Right? You don’t want me in the military. Right? You definitely don’t want me on the front line that you’re going to use me as bait or something. Right? And I ain’t going to be nobody’s bait, right? But this is the cycle of life. But what does the cycle of success look like? It will surprise you.

Just what I call it. It’s a grid that I created called L S M E and I’ll explain that in a minute. What happens is, is most people, they’ll get on the grid, meaning like they’ll come to an event like this, they’ll make some investments and they’ll get on the grid and there’ll be what we call L S L E and that is less sweat, less equity. Maybe they’re not really doing anything. They’re doing what we call acquiring stuff. Okay. So they just acquiring some things and they talk about what they’re going to do, but the on the grid. Okay. They’re on the grid and then they decided they want to do something. Okay. So they dive into the seat to get ready to do something and now they get into the part where we call M S L E which is more sweat, less equity, and they go into shock. Okay. Why did they go into shock? Because it doesn’t seem to be working the way people said it’s going to work.

They can’t believe how much work they’re putting in eight months and nothing happening. They’re supposed to be making money. They followed the three steps. They followed the five steps, they put it in their hour a day. They can’t believe it’s not working. This is unbelievable. So they were in shock after taking their action and they hit down here what I call all kinds of deeds. They become depressed, they become discouraged, they have become despondent. But it’s also the decision point. This is the point where you either cut or continue. Most people cut and they leave the grid only to come up here and try to find something else. And what they do is they have this rollercoaster, they go from less sweat, less equity to more sweat, less equity, and they just keep on with it. They just remain in this very, very negative loop.

This Will Change Your Life - Forward Steps image_8From relaxing to shock, again, relaxing to shock, again. But it’s the very, very few that understand, right down here, that they want to make the decision to continue and come to the point where is M S M E more sweat, more equity. They’re still putting in a lot of work, but now they’re making more money.

And from this point they leave from being in shock to what I call having hope. How many follow what I’m talking about? So now they have hope. They’re still doing the work, but they have more hope and now they continue as they build their momentum and they reached a point up here and beyond. Where there’s less sweat, more equity and they’re living their vision.

You have to decide what part of the grid you’re going to be on. You can show up and acquire stuff and you can get into the game and go into shock because it’s like, I can’t believe that, you know, I actually have to do this. Let’s be honest. Let’s just be honest. If there was a tooth fairy, I would have found them already. You know, if I can just put the money making manual under my pillow and wake up the next day or there’s millions of dollars or there was at least a deposit note saying that there’s been deposit into my bank account, I would have found that tooth. fairy and I would be selling it for a ton of money. There ain’t no money tooth fairy, seriously. It is a process. Every single thing has a process, and here’s the thing. You had made the decision to change your life. You will never ever escape this process, right? You can pick your poison, you can pick up with marketing, you can pick direct sales, you can take real estate, you can pick the internet, pick whatever it is. Everything has a process to it and you can never cheat the process, right? It doesn’t matter how many instructions you have, you have to through your past. It’s just like having the baby. I mean, you can connive all day. Maybe want to have a deviant in, like in three months. I think. “I bet we can. I bet you we can. Here, let’s pray to God, let’s pray to God”. Listen, if you had a baby in three months, we call that a problem. Don’t we? That ain’t no blessing. Seriously.

So having an understanding of the process, gives us a sense of comfort in patience where we don’t remove time from the ingredients and we give up. See, just because you kicked dirt and you leave that garden doesn’t mean that grass or that flower or that fruit or that vegetable, is not going to grow. The thing is you left so you never stick around long enough to see it grow.

You can leave your wife or leave your husband because the baby didn’t come in three months. But that baby will continue to grow because it’s a part of the process. A process that you do not control. See, there’s the role that we play and then there’s the roll all the laws and elements play? Know your role, and play that part. Even before Donald Trump can, you know, fill up a casino, they have to build the casino, which takes time, right? I know. We’re in a microwave society. We get things all instantly and really fast. How many like microwave popcorn? Right? But is it a steal like 30 seconds when the popcorn is spinning, ain’t nothing happening? You’re just like looking at it and the bag is still flat. Great. Nothing happening. Right? You just turn it off in 30 seconds and like, screw this man. Of course not, you understand the process. Come on now.

And many microwave companies are intelligent. They know we’re real idiots. So they just give us a button that says popcorn, right? Cause some of us we’ll try to do, wait a minute, not enough time. If somebody tried to do five minutes or you can go to the bathroom and come back one minute, no popcorn, five minutes or not edible popcorn, right? So what’s the process? Everything has a process, in the moment we begin to understand the process and we appreciate that process. We can have patience and every single thing you do is you want in this world, every single thing you want in his life becomes available to you. Everything.

There would be absolutely nothing that you will not be able to experience in your life. Every single person you experienced and you see and that you may admire, that may be distant mentors or close mentors. They are no better than you. They’re no better than you. They may put off this posturing and this ego that makes them feel like they’re better than you. That’s just their confidence. That’s just their confidence.

This Will Change Your Life - Forward Steps image_2But the interesting thing is is which do you think comes first, success then confidence or confidence then success? See what you are here today is what you then up here. Yes, be confident and then all the different things you want, you’re going to start to materialize. Think about a piece of magnetized metal, like a big magnetized beam. Okay. A big magnetize beam can pull to it 10 times its weight, but the de-magnetize beam can’t even attract a feather. By virtue of our choices or what we’re focusing on, by virtue of our choices of what we’re saying to ourself, the images we hold, the feelings we carry and the beliefs we hold, we are either magnetized or de-magnetized. And what I mean is, that you’re magnetizing to you all those great things you want or you’re de-magnetized to those and you’re attracting to you all the things you don’t want. And this is beyond just the the law of attraction. There’s multiple laws that are in play and the thing you understand is that the laws do not need your permission.

It ain’t a choice. You fall off a building or jump off a building, the law of gravity doesn’t say, “Oh, may I have your permission”, then to allow you to fall? None at all. Law of gravity says what there you go. It does not need your permission. So the law of mind does not need your permission to wreak havoc on your life by the way you think or to make wealth of your life from the way you think, it is a nature permission. It just does it. So you have to choose. Are you going to operate within the laws and the common alignment with the laws so you can experience everything that you want to experience in all areas of your life? Are you going to try to be the first person that history of freaking humanity to beat the system? You ain’t going to beat the system. You will never beat that system. But the power that every single one of us has in common, the power that Oprah used, the power that Ted Turner used, the power. that Bill Gate used, the power that I used, the power of the guys and girls up here that you want to meet use, it’s the power of choice.

We choose to believe. We choose to shape our life based on what it is we want to be. Not based on the past, not based on what other people think about us, not based on anything other than what we know we can become, what we want to become and the kind of contributions we want to make in this world. That is a personal choice. You’ve got to remember, if you do not decide to be your and live your dream, you will be building and living somebody else’s, without question.

Either you will fall in line and lead other people behind you or you will fall in line and lead behind somebody else, period. That’s just how it works. No Man is an island to himself.

You will require the assistance of other people. It will require other people to be involved. So how many understand what we’re talking about here? Yes. How many of you guys get this? How many of you guys are ready now? How many of you guys are “I can” people? How many of you do have the time, now? How many of you do have the resources now? How many you do have the money now? Absolutely, because it’s worth it. It’s worth it. And think about this. You don’t want to do it for yourself because it’s not convenient. And let me tell you something. One of the biggest enemies of taking action is inertia. Inertia is the easiest choice. But it’s the worst choice.

If you don’t want to do for yourself, if you want to be a lazy SOB, if you don’t want to do it, at least do it for your family. Give your kids a better one. Give you a spouse, a better life.

Give a new perspective to your family so they can see what’s possible. If you can’t muster it up to do it for yourself, muster it up to do it for somebody else. How many of you understand what I’m talking about and you can do it. I know you can do it. You are in the right place at the right time. This is no accident.

All right, welcome back. Chances are you may have to listen to the audio again, right? Cause we did cover quite a bit of stuff. Um, but that’s okay. Listen to it again. But even more than that, while I want you to listen to it again and again and again, and then not just listen to it, but actually use and apply it is we were talking about what I would also like you to do is care enough about other people and share this audio with them. Do your family the favor. Do your associates to favor and make sure that they listened to this audio and that they execute and implement the ideas and the concepts that are shared. So if you’re running a company, share this with your partners and your employees. Certainly you’re a part of a family, so make sure that your entire family has a copy of this audio or that they listened to it. If you’re in network marketing, make sure your downline and your upline listens to this audio and have you been on the fence about starting a business or getting involved with any kind of opportunity or something that can significantly change your life and thus, change the lives of other people.

I would encourage you to make today that day, make today, the day that you follow through. Now that you have a understanding of what it is you want to ultimately drive your success anyway. It’s not gonna really matter too much what it is you get into. Okay, but make the decision today is it worth it? And if it is worth it, then go for it. I’m giving you permission to copy this audio, download this audio. You can burn it to CD. You can give it away, freely do with it, whatever you so choose and please because we’re looking to create more life for more people and you’ll be able to help us to do that. And you’ll be doing those you love and you care about a huge favor and service by allowing another mind to be introduced to these ideas that can expand their mind and thus allow them to see there are unlimited potential at the infinite possibilities that why ahead for their particular lives. All right, so I appreciate you taking the time to listen to this. Share this audio, listen to it again. Let’s change lives. Why is that important? Because the more life we give to other people, the more lives that will get blessed.

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