How To Calm Down In A Difficult Situation

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5 Secrets of How To Calm Down In A Difficult Situation, is a guest article written by Melisa Marzett

Often we get into stressful situations, emotions overwhelm us and hell begins.

Forward Steps Personal Development Collection ImageSome say something that they would never have said in a quiescent state because the relationship is collapsing. Others get involved in an unnecessary argument and lose time and nerves.

What to do to get over emotions in such a situation and get out of stress?

1. Give yourself a few seconds to recover

If this is a dispute, then you need to understand that your silence, while you are recovering, will give you only an advantage.

It is better to spend a few seconds on self-healing before responding to an awkward situation than to spend a few weeks fighting the consequences.

2. Relax the physical stress

Any stressful situation requires clear thinking. There can be no logical thinking about anything if an emotional hold has occurred.

Calm Down - Forward Steps Image_5Our brain cannot function properly when there are physical clamps. Do not you believe it?

Find in the near environment a weighty object that you can hardly lift and hold for a few seconds. Raise it, keep it and at the same moment list the stores closest to you or read your favorite poem. It is unlikely that you will succeed.

That is why it is essential to relax muscle tension in a stressful situation, this will usually allow your brain to start working.

How to do it?

Look around your body with your eyes.

Mark those muscle groups in which there is tension with words, defining the place of the clamp. It is better to talk about yourself in order not to perplex the interlocutor: “a clip in the shoulder,” “a clip in the neck,” etc.

Every tension you notice is immediately relaxed. Only at first glance, it seems that it will take at least an hour.

Practice this exercise every day. Even in a relaxed atmosphere, you will notice some tense muscle groups.

Calm Down - Forward Steps Image_2Learn to relax them in your daily life and you can quickly relax them in stress.

3. Breathe deeply and calm down

Stress is always accompanied by rapid shallow breathing. This blocks the supply of oxygen to the brain and the ability to make the right decisions decreases.

That’s because all the resources of the body are sent to muscle reactions, you have either to be ready to attack or to escape in time.

Deep calm breathing can also be practiced in daily life. Pay attention to your breath right now.

In reasonable condition, you must breathe in the stomach and the chest should not rise. If this is not the case, there is something to work on.

Starting to breathe deeply, you will give your body a command to switch from a stressful situation of survival to a more favorable mode of operation for you.

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4. Promise yourself something

Promise yourself something for the correct behavior, constructive resolution of the conflict.

Calm Down - Forward Steps Image_1In all of us, the child is dormant and the promise of reward will help you to join the game. A play, you see, is much more helpful.

This is generally my favorite item what I did not receive as a prize for the correct resolution of the situation. The more complicated the case, the higher the reward you need to promise yourself.

I once had to buy a ring with a large diamond. The stakes were very high and I was required to be extremely focused on the constructive conduct of lengthy negotiations. The image of the ring helped exhale, gain patience and find a mutually beneficial solution.

The process itself and the reward still make me happy, even though years have passed since that moment.

Your promise must be fulfilled! Once you deceive yourself, you lose your trust in yourself.

5. Separate facts from emotions

In stressful situations, we tend to exaggerate the danger. For a constructive solution to a conflict or an awkward situation, it is essential to evaluate the situation objectively. Not for nothing do they say, “Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is”.

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How to do it? I will tell about two possibilities.

A. Why x five. Ask yourself the question: “Why is it so important to me?” Or “Why do I react so emotionally?”. The first answer will be visible.

Calm Down - Forward Steps Image_3Ask yourself the same question again. The answer will still be obvious, but more profound and so five times.

The most unexpected answers will be the fourth and fifth. In them, you will find something valuable for yourself and, already proceeding from the received fifth answer, look at the situation. What has changed?

B. If. This is my favorite opportunity because it includes fantasy. Ask yourself the question, “If I got into this situation in five years, what would I do?” On the other hand, “If I were a Topple, how would I have behaved?”

Questions you can think of yourself. The main thing is that they help you out of the situation and look at it in a new way.

Einstein argued, and I agree with him, that it is impossible to solve the problem, being at the same level. We must ‘log out’ and look at the situation from the outside.

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These five tips require some skill, daily training and self-control.

The time spent will pay off handsomely and you will be able to better cope with stressful situations.


Melisa Marzett - Calm Down articleMelisa Marzett is positive by nature so it does not take much for her to stay positive.

She believes that bad thoughts cause bad things to happen while good thoughts make something good happen, which is why it’s important to think positive.

Melisa writes for (ad) She also practices meditation and yoga; she is a morning runner, a movie enthusiast and simply a natural-born optimist.

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How To Calm Down In A Difficult SituationHow To Calm Down In A Difficult SituationHow To Calm Down In A Difficult SituationHow To Calm Down In A Difficult SituationHow To Calm Down In A Difficult Situation