Meditation And Achievement

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Meditation And Achievement is a guest article written by Gregory Lyons.

Having a book turned down by every publisher in America would be enough to stop most people, however Jack Canfield and Mark Victor are not the type of people who give up easily.

Feeling discouraged they asked themselves, “Are we on the right track?” and “Is this a book that will sell?”.

Forward Steps Personal Development Collection ImageThey loved the stories that were in their book. They knew the audiences they shared their stories with loved these stories, they had also been asked many times if there was a book containing these stories.

They even collected 20,000 pledges from people, who had attended their talks, who said that they would buy the book when it was released.

There are many successful books that have been rejected, Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach was rejected 18 times.

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell was turned down by 38 publishers.

However, to be turned down 140 times as Jack and Mark were, is probably more than most of us could comprehend.

After stepping back and reassessing, Jack and Mark chose to form a mastermind group.

With great courage, strength and the support they gave each other, they persisted until they found that one publisher who said, “Yes”.

Meditation and achievement - Forward Steps quote_2To date the Chicken Soup for the Soul series has sold over 500 million copies.

Sometimes we get stuck and we don’t seem to move past a certain point.

It could be that we don’t believe that we can have what we really want or that we aren’t good enough.

You may even have a fear that you need to let go of.

This is when the energy of another person or a group of people, can help you achieve the dreams that you struggle to achieve alone.

How you do this is very important.

Think about who will be part of your group. You can ask family, friends, people at your church or you could ask your meditation group if you belong to one.

Who you ask to support you is crucial. Share on X

Meditation and achievement - Forward Steps quote_3If you ask your partner and the two of you fight about your inability to achieve your goal. Or if you feel as if your partner doesn’t really believe you can do it, then it’s best to ask someone outside of your inner circle.

The old please, please, please type of sankalpa or desire, does not work. You need only ask once.

After that, each time you think on the subject, give thanks that your desire has been answered.


Have each person write down what they want. In some instances we may clarify this with a discussion as people often are a little reticent and don’t always say what they really mean.

Then ask for volunteers to support these requests in their thoughts for 30 days.

It’s usually a good idea to work with 1 – 4 people at a time, although you can go over that number slightly.

At the beginning of each meditation think about the person you are supporting and their request.

Meditation and achievement - Forward Steps quote_4Imagine that person as having achieved their goal. This might mean visualising them as being happy and fulfilled.

Then, let it go and begin with your regular form of meditation.

This is incredibly powerful and I have seen some amazing goals achieved with this method.

You need to be aware that sometimes we don’t get what we want.

I’ve always found when this happens that there is something better waiting for me.

It’s great to be persistent, to believe in your dreams, yet when pursuing that dream changes you, when it takes you away from the other things in life that are important to you, it may be time to let it go.

Sometimes you don’t get what you want because something better is waiting for you. Share on X

Happiness doesn’t come from goal achievement, it comes from being and being is about sharing the best part of you with others on a daily basis.

Author:Meditation And Achievement article Gregory Lyons profileGregory Lyons is a teacher of Transcendental Meditation in Brighton, UK.
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Gregory has been meditating for almost 20 years and was initially drawn to TM due to the vast bodies of research supporting it.

After experiencing first hand the tremendous benefits Transcendental Meditation brings both personally and professionally, Gregory now enjoys bringing those benefits to others.

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Meditation And AchievementMeditation And AchievementMeditation And AchievementMeditation And AchievementMeditation And Achievement