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Have a wonderfully festive holiday season that’s carefree and lots of fun.

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Enjoy your holiday season and I wish us all a brilliant 2019 <3

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What will be accomplished in your life during the next twelve months?

Remember, there is no such thing as “failure”; there is only “feedback”.

List your 100 achievements over the last 12-months. You will feel so much more invigorated for creating your next year.

As well as writing down 100 accomplishments for last year, recorded the 100 things you will achieve during next year.

Where I most often fall down with that, is the ‘staying focused’ part. So it is also important to create personal environments that consistently remind you of your original purpose and of your intended outcomes.

Christmas and New Year are only a brief period of each year and so much of it is “driven” by media advertising hype or our wanting to keep up “appearances”.

Keep it in perspective!

Mentally sketch a clear portrait of what a “great” festive season could look like, for YOU.

Once you are crystal clear about what YOU want, then start planning and practice in a mirror saying “no” to the suggestions/invitations from others that do not fit your picture!

Discard the preconceived ideas of what this time of year “should” be like.

This year, start taking actions that you can expand on each following year, to gradually begin totally redesigning the lead-up and follow-up months, to suit you and your family.

Recognize that everyone around you is likely feeling the same and they may actually be relieved at a suggestion from you that gives something the K.I.S.S. treatment.

Forward Steps Holiday Season Greetings img1Give yourself permission to feel the way that you do and to make the choices that you need.

Generosity of spirit comes easily if you are not afraid to treat yourself well.

When giving yourself what you need you’ll be in a better position to give generously and from the heart, to others. This festivity is not about providing the kind of giving that is done through gritted teeth and has ‘duty’ written all over it.

Set up a plan of action for keeping in touch with friends and doing nice things for friends/family throughout the year. This will alleviate that “guilt surge” in this period and feeling that you “must” contact everyone who you have neglected the past eleven months.

Start planning and take actions for next year’s season, now.

Especially if any undesired circumstances that you experience currently are the same ones that were around this time twelve months ago …and each of the years before!

Enjoy the break if you are having a spell from work over the next few days or weeks.

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Also, see a collection of 24 gift pages that were used in a personal development advent calendar which I used to create in the years 2008 to 2016. Advent simply means, the coming or arrival of something or someone that is important or worthy of note.

Advent Calendar
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During each festive season, I reflect on the past year and think of you (who have made a difference in my life), as well as the people with whom I have made a difference.

You might have heard of “Emotional Intelligence”, “Social Intelligence”, “Kinesthetic Intelligence” and more. Forward Steps has been doing its little bit to expand global “Spiritual Intelligence”.

Thank you for any of the times that you shared my work with your friends.

I appreciate those of you who stayed connected throughout the past year & look forward to staying in touch during next year.

Another year that will be filled with as many happy moments as we can squeeze from it!

Celebrate all your achievements, whether you perceive it large or small.

You really have no true idea of the difference you make and the impact you have, then consider the butterfly effect.

Set your intentions for the next twelve months
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I extend to you my very best wishes for a magnificent new year.

Lastly, just for fun, enjoy a fun song below with my husband Greg and myself…

Holiday season greetings from Thea at Forward Steps and have a very happy December.

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