24 Abundance Blocks Holding You Back

There are (ad) 24 different abundance blocks in existence, and everyone is affected by at least some of them.

Abundance Blocks - Forward Steps image 1500px(ad) Abundance blocks are subconscious obstacles that hold you back from attracting wealth and success.

Ever felt stuck or unsatisfied with your finances? Your career? Your life?

There’s a high chance you’re suffering from one or more abundance blocks.

The block could be a a subtle belief your teachers gave you, like “hard work is the only path to success”.

It could be a meme fed to you by the media, like “the economy is going down the drain and we’re all screwed” (not my words)!

Or it could even be a seemingly innocent thought implanted by your parents, like “rich people are evil”.

In the following 10-minute interview, Christie Marie Sheldon explains energy blocks…

There is an additional 30-minute training video, further down this blog post, too.

Christie Marie Sheldon has agreed to host a free energy clearing session.

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During the session Christie will tap into your personal energy field and remove an abundance block from you.

The block Christie will tackle during the session is by far one of the most common and damaging ones and, once it’s removed from you, you’ll see massive and virtually instant improvements in your finances, your career and your life.

Trust me – this is NOTHING like your typical personal energy clearing session.

For one, you can actually feel Christie working with your energy.

20,000+ people took part when Christie hosted a similar session earlier this year, and many have reported “weird” and “phenomenal” results.

We’re talking about:

Abundance Blocks - Forward Steps image 1500px_3-surprise cheques in the mail,
-sudden business opportunities,
-brilliant ideas that help you shine at work …and other unexpected synchronicities.

Take part in this unique experience…

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Over the past few years Christie has changed over 30,000 lives with this gift. Including celebrities, CEOs and even heads of state.

What would Christie see if she tapped into YOUR energetic frequency? What blocks are holding YOU back?

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Oh, and those (ad) 24 abundance blocks, you ask?

Here they are… just click on the slide and you can see them all by using right/left arrows:

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  1. 2019/02/23 at 09:10

    Dede, I recommend reading the article above https://www.forwardstepsblog.com/abundance-blocks, then visiting this link https://www.newforwardsteps.com/24abundanceblocks 🙂 Cheers, Thea

  2. Dede
    2019/02/22 at 08:05

    Hi my is Dede I need help for 24 abundance blocks cleanse. Thank you

  3. 2018/11/07 at 11:34

    Hi Alex,

    Ha! I do not have “ALL the wealth” (as you suggest) because I give so much away, free!

    I notice you are not a subscriber of mine at Forward Steps, so you do not receive the copious amounts of free content that I do produce. Even in the post, at which you commented, there is so much free information from which to glean ideas, as well as throughout this blog. See the navigation bar at top, for example.

    Having said that, yes I have spent many hours and several years creating products for which I charge.

    To know why I charge…

    You can read this free ebook: https://forwardstepsblog.com/science-of-getting-rich

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    If I were to give you everything for free, it’s very unlikely you’d do much of anything with it. Often times it is only when we have a financial stake in our education that we begin to take it seriously.

    Enjoy the mountains of free content at the Forward Steps blog.

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    Where the mind goes the feet will soon follow.

    What you focus on WILL expand!

    Keep stepping forward,

  4. Alex
    2018/11/07 at 00:58

    There are lots of people who taught about this kind of thing like law of attraction, abundance, and other things you know if you have watched the movie the secret, if you teachers know these things then why don’t you have all the wealth and why you charges the money to offer such beautiful gifts that can clear poverty in world. If you can reply me

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