Science Of Manifestation & Law Of Attraction

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Secrets to Wealth and Law of Attraction is a full one hour seminar, above, describing the main elements of sustainable wealth creation.

Forward Steps Latest Personal Development ProgrammeThe law of attraction has gained a lot of popularity since the release of the movie “The Secret”. It created a phenomenal exposure for this age-old wisdom.

The secret showed how by visualizing what we want to attract we can materialize it. That is bringing it into our physical reality.

Millions of people began to visualize their new car, a perfect soul mate, millions of dollars coming their way and so on.

However, they soon realized that it is not happening, something is missing.

While the secret created a positive movement towards understanding that we have the power to manifest and that power is within us, it has also left a gap.

What is needed, is a more complete explanation of how the law of manifestation works, in reality.

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Vitaly Geyman presents the secrets that many wealthy people know and implement to achieve true prosperity.

Although the current economic climate has changed some of the wealth building strategies the majority of his teaching points still remain true.

Vitaly coaches people in how to create a more prosperous life for themselves in a way that in balance with their lifestyle and values.

A holistic approach to wealth building that takes into account the uniqueness of each individual, the impact on society and environment.

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Vitaly has worked with hundreds of individuals and organizations helping them transform themselves and their business in a way that is truly aligned with their purpose and values.

His unique capacity to combine both analytic and intuitive approach assists his clients to develop a trans-formative vision and a step by step implementation plan.

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Science Of Manifestation & Law Of Attraction