Do More Of What You Love To Do

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When you spend hours in a row, seemingly lost in time and completely engrossed in an activity that you love, you can be certain that you’re connected to soul.

Discovering what you love to do can sometimes be straightforward, yet it isn’t always.

Allow for free time to dabble, explore, and engage more often in the things that you know you love to do. Click To Tweet

Embark on a journey of self-discovery, and try many new things. You may need to dedicate time and patience.

It’s all about tuning in to the signals from soul and noticing when passion is present or when an activity has an almost cathartic element to it.

Our soul informs us that life is about much more than a schedule full of duties and chores, things we do because we need to do them.

Many of us even aspire to making a living by doing lots more of what we most love to do!

Free time offers an opportunity to explore and embrace activities that we truly love, so be sure to schedule time to play and wander where your heart wants to take you.

When we engage more often in the things that we really enjoy, which make us come alive, we fill the well.

It enables us to give more of ourselves and to truly express the soul being. We radiate, and this energy is sensed by those with whom we come into contact.

Soul loves to connect with other soul beings. It’s our job to make that possible by becoming the person we were meant to be.

Expressing out into the world the purpose that we were designed to fulfill is the direction that soul will always lead us towards.

365 ways to connect to your soul book cover image 300x418pxIn our busy lives, contending with the distractions of modern living, we do not find much opportunity to connect with our own soul, let alone others.

It’s vital to create room for free play and for trying out the activities that attract us. When you’re drawn to a pursuit and you ignore intuition, you’re really pushing away your soul purpose.

Allow for free time to dabble, explore, and engage more often in the things that you know you love to do. This is the place that you can reconnect with your soul.

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Do More Of What You Love To Do