Ask Yourself Penetrating Questions

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Ask yourself penetrating questions. Just as it’s said that eyes are the window to our soul, I believe that questions are the key to our soul.

Could you imagine a world in which everything is taken at face value and the question mark is never used? Surely that world would quickly dissolve inside its limits. We would never dream, watching the night sky and wondering what lies far, far away.

Forward Steps Personal Development Collection ImageSpend regular time with powerful questions, even ones that you find a little uncomfortable.

I am not talking about mundane subjects of concern like what to eat for lunch or what color to wear.

Beyond the shell of daily existence there are more poignant matters that also want our attention. In fact, we crave purposefulness and mindful intention for our life.

When we ask ourselves those prickly kind of questions, we are making contact with the heart. Powerful, penetrating questions can sometimes need a lifetime and there’s no guarantee they will even receive closure.

The purpose of asking meaningful questions for self reflection is to expose yearnings and perspectives that might not always be in clear view.

Spend regular time with powerful questions, even ones that you find a little uncomfortable. Share on X

We become quite expert at keeping secrets from our conscious mind. Yet your feelings when hearing a pointed question will quickly let you know the truth of your soul.

I know you have felt it. For example, ask yourself this gorgeous question from Debbie Ford’s book The Right Questions:

“Will this choice propel me toward an inspiring future or will it keep me stuck in the past?” Never mind your well thought-out answer. How did your heart respond? Did you notice? What was your first thought?

That first response, before you spend a lot of time analyzing or internally debating, THAT is the voice of your soul.

365 ways to connect to your soul book cover image 300x418pxSpend regular time with powerful questions, even ones that you find a little uncomfortable or might make you squirm a little. Then, check in with the soul part of you.

Are you listening to your thoughts or worse, someone else’s voice answering for you (like a parent or close friend). Or will you listen instead when your soul replies?

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Hi, I'm Thea Westra at Forward Steps (

Hi, I'm Thea Westra at Forward Steps (

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Ask Yourself Penetrating Questions