Add a Little Twist to Your Routines

Add a Little Twist to Your Routines

Add A Little Twist To Your Routines FB feature image

Ever wake up tired, in the knowledge you’re about to reenact the same play? Perhaps it’s time to shake things up a little!

Routine can become very comfortable, avoiding any need to define and challenge your comfort zone. Although it may feel safe, however, allowing yourself to remain stuck in a dull routine of existence can bring you to a very low energy point and will strip the joy from your experience of life.

It’s a certain path to the death of soul and life spirit, leaving you to swirl inside a circle of limiting beliefs and disappointments in life.

If you want personal growth and soul evolution (and if you’re reading this, I am sure you do), sometimes you’ll need to leave some of the old behind and stretch yourself into something new.

Soul was never designed to support a life of monotony and routine. Connection with soul is your access to your sense of aliveness. It needs to be set free, allow it to jump out of your skin sometimes!

That twinge of aliveness that comes from even minor adjustments in routine, THAT is your soul’s response to being released from its cage, even if only for a few moments.

The more often you release it, the more often you begin to recognize the path that your soul would want you to travel.

We can develop quirky ways of hiding the things that our soul wants and needs, only a couple of yards from the track that our routine takes us on each day.

You don’t have to make dramatic changes in lifestyle, like changing profession or ending a relationship. Don’t buy into the myth that instant change is a magic pill that you can take in the evening, to have you wake up a different person next day.

Steer your life outside the often-walked road and gradually teach yourself to see things from a different vantage point.

In those moments of a twist in your routine, you may experience an “Aha!”, and THAT is your soul speaking.

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