Get Organized And Feel Greater Freedom

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Is it your time to get organized?

If you’ve got something in your life that’s not working, get it working or get it out of there.

“The better organized you are in the simple things, the more spontaneous and free you can be in the more important things.” -Brian Tracy

“The core personal productivity habit is neatness. Important tasks are not entrusted to messy people.” -Brian Tracy

For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned. -Benjamin Franklin Click To Tweet

“What is the most important thing that you should do right now? It’s easy to figure out the answer. The most important thing is usually the item you least want to do. So jump on it. Get it out of the way. Then go on to the next thing you don’t want to do and get rid of that item by completing it. You’ll be amazed at how it frees your spirit not to have them hanging over you.” -Tom Hopkins

Do you recognize any of the following scenarios in your life?

You dash to answer the phone and you have to scramble for a pen and paper to take a message.

Forward Steps Latest Personal Development ProgrammeIn the morning you go to your wardrobe and you look at your clothing collection in despair.

It’s tax time. You procrastinate because you dread having to go through those piles of paperwork in your office.

Friends turn up unexpectedly at your home or office. They’re greeted with you doing a quit tidy instead of a hearty welcome.

Another reminder notice in the mail box to pay a bill that you had again misplaced or forgotten about.

You have just been introduced to someone new and they give you their business card. A week later you can’t find their details.

Your diary looks more like a logbook of events gone by rather than a powerful structure to support your goals and dreams.

A piece of paper is handed to you, however you wish to attend to it later. It’s put on the heap with the many others on your desk.

Are you exhausted after simply reading that list?

Let alone grappling with these niggling situations on a daily basis!

Perhaps take on board a few of the following quick ideas

Spend a few minutes listing the things that you know are regular annoyances in your week.

Time To Get Organized Forward Steps article image 1Go to work on brainstorming smarter and easier systems which attend to each of these simply, quickly and immediately.

Practice your newly created habits every day for 21 days and they have a greater chance to forever become a part of your life.

It all may feel strange to begin with and might even make you feel that this itself is an interruption. These sensations will pass.

Set aside 10 minutes daily, to begin making permanent changes to those little habits that cause irritation.

Make a start today. One great place to start is this list of 31 mini-tasks to get life uncluttered.

You will become quicker and less conscious of new actions and habits when you persist. Click To Tweet

Is there a really organized person you know and admire?

Ask them to support you by letting you in on some of the little tricks that work for them?

Use a coach to fast track your organizational goals.

There are also so many great books and resources for organizing your home, office and life.

Select new and simple low-cost ideas from a book, mentor or online searches, that you could put into effect immediately.

Just one or two new habits, systems or ways to deal with things that regularly get in your way each day can help to engender a sense of control and raise our energy.

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Get Organized And Feel Greater Freedom