Indivisible Sphere Of The Present (exercise)

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This is an exercise that will help you live in Holographic Time, it’s called the Powerful Indivisible Sphere of the Present.

Read the more detailed and expanded instructions of this exercise by scrolling further down, into the body of this article.

Indivisible Sphere Of The Present Exercise image 2Living in Holographic Time is a key to being successful using Holographic Creation to manifest the events and things and emotional states you desire.

Back when he was in college, (ad) Christopher Westra from I Create Reality came across the idea for this exercise, by reading a book called (ad) Time and Free Will.

This mind-blowing book explains how viewing time as linear makes our consciousness fragmented into past, present, and future.

When we are fragmented in this way, we actually lose some of our free will because we can’t see things clearly.

By learning to live as a whole person in the present moment, we become free and powerful, as we are meant to be.

3 Main Benefits from the Indivisible Sphere of the Present Exercise


See Life More Clearly. You’ll better remember the lessons you have learned from what you call your past.

You’ll realize there is no past, and the lessons are here with you now. Click To Tweet


Reduce Your Fears. You can stop imagining future negative scenarios. These pictures of the future are the basis of fear. They are not real.


Experience More Free Will and Power. When we fragment our consciousness into past, present, and future, we play “mind games” in order to “not see” the implications and consequences of our actions.

When we act from an unclear perspective, we often make dumb decisions that thwart us from achieving what we really want.

First, Read Through All The Steps

Then, close your eyes and do it as best as you can. If you need to open your eyes to peek at the instructions, that is OK.

Step 1

Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths.

Say to yourself, “My consciousness is one, and cannot be divided”.

Step 2

Visualize the past and present and future as a timeline. This is easy because it’s what we usually do! We even create timelines of history. This is what is known as “Linear” time, because it is modeled after a “Line”.

Step 3

Now, time really isn’t a line. In fact, time as we think about it doesn’t exist at all. This is what Henri Bergson taught.

Tell yourself, “There is no past, present, and future – all laid out in a line”. It is our consciousness that we either experience holistically or in a holographic manner, or in a linear manner.

Step 4

Starting with the “past” side of the line, picture the line being rolled up into a ball towards the present moment. All the memories.. all the learning… all the connections… still stay right with you now.
They are present.

Indivisible Sphere Of The Present Exercise image 1If parts of the “line” represent stories that you have made up and no longer want – stories of resentment, or pain, or abandonment, or loneliness, then let these parts of the line just be “cut off” and float away.

Only roll up those parts of the “past” that you want to keep. As you roll the line, the point of the present grows bigger and brighter as it forms into a sphere.

This sphere is the Powerful Indivisible Sphere of the Present!

Step 5

Now take the “line” of the future, as you usually think of it, and start to “roll up” that line into the present moment also.

Collect all the plans, all the goals and dreams, and all the meanings and hopes and desires and roll them right into the present.

You aren’t affecting time, time doesn’t exist. What you are changing is your consciousness of time. As the so-called future is also rolled up into the present, the sphere of the present becomes brighter and brighter.

Step 6

Now see this sphere of the present pulsating and glowing with power and life. This Powerful Indivisible Sphere of the Present is your new symbol for your consciousness.

OK, that’s the end of the exercise. You can open your eyes now.

You will improve with practice.

As you go about your day and your week…

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Fragmenting our consciousness has become a deep habit for most of us. In fact, most of us really believe that reality is fragmented because that’s how we were taught to experience it.

Do the Powerful Indivisible Sphere of the Present exercise daily for a couple of weeks to get it into your consciousness. It will make a difference in your life.

Thank you (ad) Christopher for creating and sharing this very powerful exercise with us.

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Indivisible Sphere Of The Present (exercise)