5 Quick Techniques To Rule Your Stress Level

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Reset your stress level each week with quick activities listed below…

Stress that’s left unchecked can contribute to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, mental health problems, anxiety and depression.

Stress Level article image 1It is important to consciously manage our own time out from the barrage of stimulus to which we are exposed in our fast paced lives.

We usually think of stressors as being negative, yet anything that puts high demands on you can be stressful and includes positive events.

Stress hormones are released in times of stress regardless of age, marital status, ethnicity, level of income or level of education.

The ingredients for stress are…

Novelty, unpredictability, threat to the ego and poor sense of control.

Developing a few strategies for coping before stress hits, can help you manage pressure situations and maintain both your physical and mental health.

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Use these few natural activities on a weekly basis, for creating a buffer between you and the forces that consistently drain your energy and raise your stress level.

Drive or Walk to a Secluded, Naturally Beautiful Setting and Enjoy It

The idea is to spend time in nature, quiet, no people, listening to sounds of wind and animals and water flowing, feeling the sun and emptying your mind of all thoughts.

Pick One Small Area of Your Home and Turn It Into a Stress-Free Zone

The process of beautifying and turning a space into something you consider relaxing will help you in the moment feel accomplished and be an area you can turn to all week during stressful moments, like a window bay or chaise lounge, can be indoors or out.

Spend 30 Minutes Being as Cozy and Relaxed as Possible

We often feel guilt having any time for ourselves, so for 30 minutes, put on comfy clothes, curl up in a soft blanket, with a good book or favorite show and no interruptions, sipping a glass or cup of something soothing and not feel obliged to do or say anything.

Tap Into Your Oblivious Inner Child

Children often get so engrossed in their activities, they aren’t paying attention to outside stress. Spend 30 minutes either watching comedy, doing arts and crafts, or even playing with toys, like Lego, to revisit a time when bills, careers and relationships weren’t haunting you.

Indulge in Some Extreme Oxygen Intake

Consider (ad) getting a Spire Tracker to help you monitor your breathing so you don’t suffer from iceberg stress syndrome where you’re barely breathing and holding in the stress that runs deep below the surface. Spend 30 minutes a week practicing the art of deep breathing.

Do you have a few of your own favorite stress level reducing ideas?

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5 Quick Techniques To Rule Your Stress Level