Making Fear Your Friend

Deal with fear by facing it and making fear your friend.

Making Fear Your Friend - Many TomorrowsRecently, my friend Vitaly Geyman has made two videos which I have decided to share with you, below.

Also, the words below are Vitaly’s own words, to accompany each of the two videos.

Vitaly’s message will give you some food for thought at those times you feel that you are lacking a little courage…

It is our destiny to reach of peak potential. Every human being has inside of them potential to grow and evolve to the very limit of their being. What is holding us back are often our own limiting beliefs.

Each person has their own entrenched set of limiting beliefs, shaped by culture, parental upbringing and past experiences to which we have added our unique interpretation and meaning.

At the core of these beliefs lie one single element, “fear”. Fear is the strongest emotion, and an emotion that can be totally paralyzing at the most or a hindrance at the least.

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View the Part 2 video, below…

There are many kinds of fears and each fear is a product of past memories. If you’re truly in the moment it is difficult to be fearful.

Fears are formed in past experiences or based on our projections of the future.

The most important thing is to become friends with your fear and recognize it for what it is. A simple technique of observing your fear and writing it down in your journal is a great beginning.

If you want to grow and develop as an adult you need to understand that underneath your limiting beliefs lies one of the most enduring and powerful emotions, “fear”.

You can divide most human emotions into two categories, one related to fear and the other related to love.

Since our early childhood we are programmed to avoid fear at any cost. In fact, we develop many strategies to deal with fear.

Making Fear Your Friend - Conquer FearThose strategies may include complete avoidance of the issue, aggression, or lying and deceiving.

Whatever our strategy is, it does not allow us to fully develop. Understanding your strategy and facing your fears is the best way to reach your peak potential.

It can be a simple as keeping a diary of all your fears. You could have a go at pushing your boundaries, every time you reach that place where everything inside you tells you to back off.

Do something every day that scares you (even if only a little), practice it like you would when you are exercising a muscle.

The only way to deal with fear is by facing it and making fear your friend.

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Making Fear Your Friend