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Every day, for the past year, I had added one of these notes in the P.S. note of each Forward Steps email, manually.

Forward Steps Latest Personal Development ProgrammeTo give me a break from needing to remember to log in and add these myself, around noon (my time zone) each day… I am now listing them all, at this post below, for your continued enjoyment and for you to reference any day of the year that you want!

The following links might direct to some websites that no longer apply for the date they were originally set. I will work my way through those websites, to exchange them for evergreen sites and self growth gifts.

I will also replace any duplicated web links, with new sites for you. Can’t say exactly when I might be done with that!

Until then, enjoy the collection of 365 P.S. messages that you see below… Yes, and of course… you may share this list with your friends.


1 January has finally arrived! See this video of 20 questions from me, to give you a head start…

2 January already! The time will fly, just as it had last year. Be sure to set your intentions…

3 January is Festival of Sleep Day. Created for people who would like to get some “shut eye” after the holidays. Yet, this is no time to go to sleep! Check this video…

4 January is World Braille Day. However, I won’t be asking you to use braille to read these great books…

5 January is Whipped Cream Day. Would you like some extra topping on your free gifts from Forward Steps?

6 January is Cuddle Up Day. A favorite day in my year! Get closer to your goals for the year with a clearing session: /

7 January is Tempura Day & here’s something else that is light, crisp and golden with perfection… (ad)

8 January already, and we thought Cuddle Up Day was great. Today is Bubble Bath Day! Remember the w/end?

9 January is Static Electricity Day. Add more spark to each of your days during 2014 with this free MP3… (ad)

10 January is Peculiar People Day. Until now, your dreams have only been a part of your imagination. Now you can bring them to life…

11 January is “Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day”. In Perth today we have a temperature of 44 C (109 F). Not a puddle in sight! Think light, fun thoughts wherever you are…

12 January is Clean Off Your Desk Day. I’m a neat freak, so my desk doesn’t need the attention. Here are some tips for getting organized at your desk, if it does…

Forward Steps - Personal development for every day quote 1000px13 January is Make Your Dream Come True Day. Make fast, effort-free changes in your life… Learn the 3 step “bounce back” formula in less than half the time!

14 January is Dress Up Your Pet Day. I believe you can think of much better things to do! Try this… (ad)

15 January is Hat Day. As the saying goes, “If the cap fits, wear it!” 🙂 These free affirmations might be a fit for you… (ad)

16 January is Appreciate A Dragon Day. Dragons are powerful symbols in mythology. Understand the power of symbols & intention…

17 January is Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day, the most common date to give up on your resolutions?

18 January is Thesaurus Day. Want to know what is synonymous with dying a slow death? Read this poem…

19 January is Pop Corn Day & Tin Can Day. When news pops up I don’t use tin cans and string to let you know! See here

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality. - John Lennon/Yoko Ono Click To Tweet

20 January is Martin Luther King Jr Day. We all learn that there is nothing greater than to do something for others…

21 January is Hugging Day. I encourage you to embrace hugging and to give the people you care about, a comforting squeeze…

22 January is Celebration Of Life Day. What better way to celebrate than to raise ourselves to the next level… (ad)

23 January is Measure Your Feet Day! A perfect day for revisiting Forward Steps resources and content here…

24 January is Belly Laugh Day. Laughter will make you feel more positive and boosts your immune systems. Enjoy…

25 January is Opposite Day. Do you often attract the opposite of what you intended to attract? Read this…

26 January is Australia Day. Countries & people have history Watch a funny Australian explain how to release our past…

27 January is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. Get my coil-bound book delivered in bubble wrap, right here… (ad)

28 January is Data Privacy Day. How much private data in your mind is holding you back from success? Change… (ad)

29 January is Freethinkers Day. A day to celebrate your freedom of conscience and explore authentic awakening… (ad)

30 January is Croissant Day. While you enjoy your pastry, why not enter the monthly Forward Steps Contest? Here…

31 January is Backward Day. Lacking in confidence can feel like you’re doing everything the wrong way round… (ad)


1 February. It’s Cherry Month! Also it’s my birthday month, and we celebrate the lunar new year too…

2 February is Groundhog Day. Have you ever wished you had a second chance to make up for lost opportunity?

3 February is “The Day The Music Died”. Well, not quite! You can hear this beautiful song, it’s written just for you…

4 February is Create A Vacuum Day. Afterwards, you can fill your void, with these powerful affirmations! (ad)

5 February is my birthday! Yippee! 🙂 Today can be the first day of the best of your life too. Check out this… (ad)

6 February is the day after my birthday. However, I like celebrating a birthday every day! How about you? (ad)

7 February is Bubble Gum Day. Next time you feel that some thing/one is about to “burst your bubble” go to…

8 February is Laugh And Get Rich Day. Explore a free collection of 3 law of attraction gifts at… (ad)

9 February is Read In The Bathtub Day. See a collection I’ve collated for you, to which more will be added… (ad)

10 February is Clean Out Your Computer Day. Doing just that and not only dust, is a top idea because… (ad)

13 February is the day before Valentine’s Day. Collect these free Valentine gifts for you…

14 February is Valentine’s Day. Collect your five free self-improvement Valentine gifts… (ad)

15 February is World Whale Day. Your chakras could have been affecting your life in a very BIG way! (ad)

16 February is Innovation Day and is is all about imagining new, better ways of doing things… (ad)

17 February is Random Acts Of Kindness Day. It’s a good day for sharing this video with your friends… (ad)

18 February is Single Tasking Day. Doing one thing at a time truly is more productive & gentle on you. Enjoy! (ad)

19 February is International Tug Of War Day. Ever feel like there’s one going on in your mind? Get… (ad)

20 February is World Day of Social Justice. Sounds a great excuse for sharing this video with friends… (ad)

21 February is International Mother Language Day. Let’s celebrate our prosperous diversity with… (ad)

22 February is World Thinking Day. Understand more about the workings of your mind by visiting here… (ad)

23 February is Curling Is Cool Day. Appropriate, with the Winter Olympics right now. Join another Olympic event… (ad)

24 February is Tortilla Chip Day. Best celebrated on a comfy sofa while viewing favorite videos… (ad)

25 February is Clam Chowder Day. No matter how you like your clams, you are sure to love this too… (ad)

26 February is Tell A Fairy Tale Day. Are those new year resolutions beginning to look like fairy tales? Try using this top tool… (ad)

27 February is Polar Bear Day. To celebrate, Forward Steps will take a break on February 29, 30 and 31… (ad)

28 February is Tooth Fairy Day. Yet, if you don’t believe in fairies or don’t lose teeth, this might be more suited! (ad)


1 March is World Compliment Day. You could begin with complimenting yourself, using affirmations… (ad)

2 March is Old Stuff Day and Dr. Seuss Day, so enjoy an older post of mine with inspiration from Dr. Seuss! (ad)

3 March is National Anthem Day. Not all anthems inspire. However this event, always does… (ad)

4 March is Grammar Day. This is my favorite proof reading tool which you might like too… (ad)

5 March is Multiple Personality Day. How about we just take care of one of our personalities? (ad)

6 March is Dentist’s Day. Yes, sorry to remind you! Perhaps you prefer this, it’s a bit more gentle… (ad)

7 March is Be Heard Day. Take the plunge and allow your voice to sing above the rest! Enjoy… (ad)

8 March is Women’s Day. Here’s one of my favorite women with one of my favorite annual events… (ad)

9 March is Panic Day. Keep your head, while all around are losing theirs… (ad)

10 March is International Day Of Awesomeness. To celebrate, simply be amazing and awesome today! (ad)

11 March is Organize Your Home Office Day. So now you know what I will be doing! Need Help? See this… (ad)

12 March is World Maths Day. At this page you can listen to a free Heart Math webinar replay… (ad)

13 March is Earmuffs Day. You won’t have any use for those in listening to this great music… (ad)

14 March is International Ask a Question Day. Find the answer to a most perplexing question, here… (ad)

15 March is True Confessions Day. I have none I’ll be sharing with you here, however I do have this updated page for you… (ad)

16 March is Freedom Of Information Day. So, here’s some information you might like to be reminded of… (ad)

17 March is Submarine Day. Wow, think about the ingenuity and majesty of the mighty submarine. This too is mighty… (ad)

18 March is Awkward Moments Day. No awkwardness with these guys, they have brought gifts for you to download! (ad)

19 March is Poultry Day! What can I say about that? More chicken jokes? Share this “not at all paltry” collection… (ad)

20 March is World Story Telling Day. Are you living your own story? Try these tools… (ad)

21 March is Memory Day. I almost forgot! Use this meditation to develop your mind-based capacities… (ad)

22 March is World Water Day. Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water. Be water, my friend! (ad)

23 March is Near Miss Day! Hopefully, you will not miss a chance to see this controversial documentary film… (ad)

24 March is World Tuberculosis Day. With all things that could affect our bodies, support a healthy brain here… (ad)

25 March is Tolkien Reading Day. Not a fan of Tolkien? You could, instead, improve your conversation skills… (ad)

26 March is Purple Day. This is not exactly purple. However it’s very colorful and useful for you…

27 March is Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day! My favorite, “If you leave me, can I come too?” (ad)

28 March is Serfs Emancipation Day in Tibet, Celebrating the ending of feudalism in Tibet, signed on March 28, 1959. (ad)

29 March is Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day. Procrastination can cut off your flow and easily leads you to overwhelm… (ad)

30 March is Take A Walk In The Park Day! Enjoy a free set of gifts that will help you feel like you walked in the park? (ad)

31 March is Bunsen Burner Day. Now, the last time this replay was made available, this site ran hot! Be cool… (ad)


1 April is April Fools Day. Definitely a great day to join the “Upwising”! Today’s the day, see here…

2 April is Children’s Book Day. Although my book is not a children’s book you can still celebrate with a copy…

3 April is Find A Rainbow Day. Would you like a pot of gold to go with that? Use this free Guided Money Meditation: (ad)

4 April is Walk To Work Day. As part of your walk, why not have a go at this fun, fitness exercise? (ad)

5 April is Tangible Karma Day. This short, free quiz might help get in touch with yours… (ad)

6 April is Tartan Day. If you don’t fancy wearing tartan, you can always celebrate with music… (ad)

7 April is No Housework Day. So instead of housework, how about a little work on yourself instead. Try this… (ad)

8 April is Be Kind To Lawyers Day. Well, they are people too! 🙂 While you’re looking for a lawyer, enjoy this… (ad)

9 April is Cherish An Antique Day. Here is one of my antiques! I almost forgot that I even had this one… (ad)

10 April is International Safety Pin Day. If you are more interested in new technology, try this for your mind… (ad)

11 April is Barbershop Quartet Day. Here are, not four but more, special free self improvement gifts for you… (ad)

12 April is Walk On Your Wild Side Day! Show everyone who ever said you couldn’t, that you could… (ad)

13 April is Scrabble Day. Switch on your brain to help win your next friendly battle of words & wits… (ad)

14 April is Look Up At The Sky Day. Look upwards and soar to great heights! Listen free, here… (ad)

15 April is Library Workers Day. As well as a fully qualified teacher, I am a qualified librarian! Enjoy your ebooks… (ad)

16 April is Bookmobile Day. So here again, yet this time on wheels, are your free ebooks! (ad)

17 April is Haiku Poetry Day. This poem is not a Haiku, however, I know you will still love it… (ad)

18 April is Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day. As it lands on Good Friday, here is something a little less challenging…

19 April is Hanging Out Day. If you are not doing your laundry today, you could just hang out with… (ad)

20 April, as well as Easter, is Chinese Language Day. Enjoy my blog post with this famous Chinese person… (ad)

21 April is Kindergarten Day. No need to go back to kindergarten in your personal growth, with these:

22 April is Earth Day. The experience of being human is truly one of the rarest in the living universe… (ad)

23 April is International Marconi Day. A reminder of times when a connected planet Earth was but a bold dream… (ad)

24 April is Poem In Your Pocket Day. Here is a poem you could pop into your pocket to recite…

25 April is Hug A Plumber Day. In fact, why not hug everyone today! Enjoy the video… (ad)

26 April is Hug An Australian Day. Heck, why not hug everyone today! Enjoy the video… (ad)

27 April is Tell A Story Day. Here is a story that you can enjoy viewing free, on 1 May… (ad)

28 April is International Astronomy Day. Go see this favorite of mine again… (ad)

29 April is World Wish Day. You could make a wish for yourself in this free meditation… (ad)

30 April is Honesty Day. To be honest, a great thing to do right now, today, is to go to this page & see… (ad)


1 May is Mother Goose Day. If you enjoy stories, you might really like this one… (ad)

2 May is International Tuba Day. Play your tuba, long and loud, to let your friends know about this too… (ad)

3 May is Garden Meditation Day. Whoever made that up, thank you. Such a lovely thing to celebrate… (ad)

4 May is Petite And Proud Day. To stay healthy & strong, we all need to maintain a good diet… (ad)

5 May is Cartoonist Day. I had a bit of a try at it one time, you might enjoy these. See here… (ad)

6 May is Buddha Day, or Vesak Day. Here is a short buddhist story you may enjoy… (ad)

7 May is School Nurse Day. Watch 3 free video lessons from these leading experts in healing, forgiveness & manifesting! (ad)

8 May is No Socks Day! Kick off your socks & wiggle your toes. Enjoy the feeling of foot-freedom & free bonuses… (ad)

9 May is Lost Sock Memorial Day. Did you lose a sock on No Socks Day, yesterday? This will help you feel better… (ad)

10 May is Windmill Day. Don’t go around and around in circles with this month’s free gifts. Many are always saved here for you… (ad)

11 May is Eat What You Want Day. You can enjoy as many free gifts as you want too. Here at this page… (ad)

12 May is International Nurses Day. If you are a nurse, I thank you for the amazing work that you do for us… (ad)

13 May is Frog Jumping Day. You can choose to jump like a frog or, jump over a frog. 🙂 Enjoy this free ebook too…

14 May is Donate A Day’s Wages to Charity Day. Here?s my favorite. Free to join & helps many… (ad)

15 May is Nylon Stockings Day. Take a giant, quantum leap in those nylon stocking of yours, here & today! (ad)

16 May is Endangered Species Day. Something else endangered in just a 5 days, are these free gifts! (ad)

17 May is Pack Rat Day. No need to be a pack rat with all these free goodies. Simply choose those you will use… (ad)

18 May is Museum Day. Get over to see this before your memories relegated to the archives for perpetuity… (ad)

19 May is May Ray Day. So if your name is Ray or you are out in the sunshine then I guess this is for you… (ad)

20 May is Be A Millionaire Day. See yourself surrounded by luxury, free of monetary concerns & living life on your terms: (ad)

21 May is I Need A Patch For That Day. You might well find a patch here, for something that perhaps bothers you… (ad)

22 May is Goth Day. No matter what your style there is something just right for you, here… (ad)

23 May is Title Track Day. Often, I listen to my favorite music tracks when I work. Later today, I will listen to… (ad)

24 May is Brother’s Day. Make contact with your brother and tell him how much he means to you. You could share this interesting film together… (ad)

25 May is Tap Dance Day. Get this FREE 9-Part Guide on the Science of Creative Visualization to get your life dancing… (ad)

26 May is World Lindy Hop Day. There just are not enough reasons to cavort around a dance floor. Yet, here’s one… (ad)

27 May is Sun Screen Day. As Baz Luhrmann sang, “If I could offer you only one tip for the future”…

28 May is Amnesty International Day. Do you know that I give you an amnesty on paying my full price? Here… (ad)

29 May is Learn About Composting Day. Here something to fertilize your mind & won’t need composting. Enjoy… (ad)

30 May is Water A Flower Day. We too, need to regularly visit the well and replenish our spirit… (ad)

31 May is Save Your Hearing Day. Its originator is unknown. Yet, bless our eardrums, they did us a great service! (ad)


1 June is Go Barefoot Day. Walk barefoot on grass, pamper your feet, kick off your shoes & free yourself even more here… (ad)

2 June is Leave The Office Early Day! It is another chapter in the quest for maximum productivity. Increase yours… (ad)

3 June is Repeat Day. If it is worth doing once; it is worth doing again. I recommend repeating this one… (ad)

4 June is Running Day. Feel like slowing down instead? Be your true, authentic self, be supported & simply BE! (ad)

5 June is World Environment Day. Here is a way that you can change the environment in your mind… (ad)

6 June is Gardening Exercise Day. One of my favorites! Enjoy! Plus, I have a short exercise for you right here… (ad)

7 June is VCR Day. You remember the old VCR video players, right? Here’s a more modern video to see… (ad)

8 June is Upsy Daisy Day. Encouraging us to face the day positively & to get up gratefully & gleefully each morning:

9 June is Donald Duck Day. First featured in 1934, in the Silly Symphony cartoon The Wise Little Hen…

10 June is Ball Point Pen Day. However, you will not need one for reading this free manifesting ebook… (ad)

11 June is Corn On The Cob Day. Weird! It’s exactly what Greg & I are eating tonight. By the way, enjoy these… (ad)

12 June is Red Rose Day. See this video & enjoy the story of 87 year old Rose. A touching story to remind & inspire: (ad)

13 June is Sewing Machine Day. So for you, I have stitched together something quite special, from my photography friend: (ad)

14 June is World Juggling Day. If you feel you are juggling just a little too often & too much, enjoy a little sanctuary: (ad)

15 June is Father?s Day in some countries. Enjoy this collection of four touching videos about fathers…

16 June is Fresh Veggies Day. Nothing beats the satisfaction & taste of home-grown veg. Having pumpkin soup tonight. (ad)

17 June is Eat Your Vegetables Day. Handy, since yesterday was Fresh Veggies Day. Speaking of fresh, I’ve added new here… (ad)

18 June is International Panic Day. True! Google it! Not to be confused with International Picnic Day. Panic is no picnic: (ad)

19 June is Sauntering Day. A day which encourages you to slow down and enjoy the world around you. Enjoy this gift: (ad)

20 June is World Productivity Day. Enjoy these free gifts while you practice being productive. lol (ad)

21 June is Daylight Appreciation Day. Explore this free gift that will bring out a ray of sunshine in all of us… (ad)

22 June is Chocolate Eclair Day. Now, there’s a day to celebrate! 🙂 Here are a few more reasons for you… (ad)

23 June is Let It Go Day. Isn’t it finally time to move on and let go of the negative emotion pulling you down… (ad)

24 June is Fairy Day. A day for putting aside the cynicism of the modern world and embrace the possibilities of the unknown… (ad)

25 June is Color TV Day. Yes, I admit it. I remember the days of black & white TV. Here’s some color for you… (ad)

26 June is Canoe Day. Are you up a river without a paddle? Check out these paddles, for moving forward in your life… (ad)

27 June is Sunglasses Day. You will want those when you see the collection of super bright stars here… (ad)

28 June is Tapioca Day. A reminder that there are many, undiscovered ingredients that add variety to your menu…

29 June is Camera Day. Check out a few of my images for you to share around with your friends today! Enjoy… (ad)

30 June is Social Media Day. If Facebook & Twitter are not really for you, there are still many others… (ad)


1 July is Second Half Of The Year Day! A great day to unleash brilliant insights, solutions & ideas bubbling deep in your mind… (ad)

2 July is World UFO Day. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It is an unidentified flying object! How about you? Which are you? (ad)

3 July is Compliment Your Mirror Day. The Self-Love List, is to help us live more consciously aware of self-love & nurturing… (ad)

4 July is National Country Music Day. Enjoy the upbeat, happy music in this special collection I built for you… (ad)

5 July is Hop A Park Day. Find out what’s going on at your local park and join in. Take along a good book… (ad)

6 July is Take Your Webmaster To Lunch Day. Since I am my own webmaster, I’ll take myself! Enjoy the cartoons:

7 July is Tell The Truth Day & Global Forgiveness Day. For this day I thought you might very much enjoy this video & article… (ad)

8 July is SCUD Day. It stands for Savor the Comic Unplug the Drama. Encouraging us to step back, relax & enjoy the funnier side of life: (ad)

9 July is Sugar Cookie Day. Personally, I recommend staying away from the sugar! I suggest viewing this sweet video… (ad)

10 July is Teddy Bear Picnic Day. Find one of my favorite Pooh Bear quotes in this blog post of humor to enjoy… (ad)

11 July is World Population Day. Plus here is another global event that you will appreciate, online & free… (ad)

12 July is Pecan Pie Day. If you love any kinds of sweet desserts, then you will absolutely love this… (ad)

13 July is Embrace Your Geekness Day. I need to be a bit of a geek to create what I do for you. For example… (ad)

14 July is Pandemonium Day. Chaos, unexpected surprises and madness abound! However, you won’t find that here… (ad)

15 July is Gummi Worm Day. Yet, I think you will be better off trying the Synchronicity Luck Program instead of eating lollies… (ad)

16 July is World Snake Day. Did you know that a majority of snakes are non-poisonous and harmless? So is this…

17 July is Yellow Pig Day. It is all to do with the number 17. See more than ten times 17, FS Notes… (ad)

18 July is Caviar Day. Nothing says luxury quite like caviar! You can indulge your brain as well, right here today… (ad)

19 July is the 200th day of the year. If you are at all a little despondent about that, this will be helpful… (ad)

20 July is Moon Day. Under the moon tonight, turn passive sleeping into active dreaming & expand your consciousness: (ad)

21 July is Junk Food Day. Being Winter here in Perth, it is easy to indulge. This free training is good support… (ad)

22 July is Hammock Day. Kick back and relax while you enjoy a few Zig Ziglar quotations in this video… (ad)

23 July is Gorgeous Grandma Day. Enjoy a simple and fun song with a short story about one family… (ad)

24 July is Tell An Old Joke Day. Share these few self improvement jokes I put together for you…

25 July is Talk In An Elevator Day. Dedicated to plucking up our courage and making polite small take whilst riding the lift… (ad)

26 July is All Or Nothing Day. Seize the day! The rest of your life won’t wait forever and gets shorter each day… (ad)

27 July is Parents Day. Get 4 free reports to help persuade family members to see things your way… (ad)

28 July is National Tree Planting Day here in Australia. I have the perfect inspiring story for you about trees… (ad)

29 July is Rain Day. We?ve had lots and lots of lovely rain here in Perth. Today, I shower you with positive gifts! (ad)

30 July is Paperback Book Day. Did you know my books are available in paperback? I love the spiral bound most… (ad)

31 July is World Ranger Day. Here is a lovely, short video, reminding us of all that they help to protect…


1 August is World Wide Web Day. We are so lucky to access brilliant free tools online. Enjoy one of them… (ad)

2 August is Mustard Day. I definitely think this day cuts the mustard… (pun intended). So does this great gift… (ad)

3 August is Friendship Day. Most celebrate on the first Sunday of August. Enjoy these quotes, my friend… (ad)

4 August is Psychic Day. Improve your power in developing many abilities lying dormant inside you. See this free video… (ad)

5 August is Bogotá’s Carnival Day. Many activities take place during the celebrations. Use this to remember all your own activities… (ad)

6 August is Wiggle Your Toes Day. Have fun with this list of upbeat music, to which you can wiggle your toes… (ad)

7 August is Lighthouse Day. This one is all about shining big, bright lights from peninsulas to help sailors find their way… (ad)

8 August is Happiness Happens Day. Happiness is contagious, so if you’re happy, tell someone. If someone else is happy, listen to them! (ad)

9 August is Book Lovers Day. Have you yet read all the free e-books that I sent you in your first email… (ad)

10 August is Lazy Day. An ideal excuse to take a break & enjoy some precious “me time”, without feeling guilty about it…

11 August is Son And Daughter Day. The following is a program about relationships, there’s a free gift also… (ad)

12 August is International Youth Day. You might enjoy reading a short list of 50 Rules With Advice For Teens…

13 August is International Left Handers Day. Do you sometimes feel you’re going through life left-handed?

14 August is Pramuka Day. You might like to look that up, in Google. You could also look up “Thea Westra Forward Steps””thea+westra+forward+steps”

15 August is Relaxation Day. Slow down? breathe & relax. Release old ideas, beliefs, and stories. Fly free… (ad)

16 August is World Honey Bee Day. If you have been as busy as a bee all day, sit back and watch “To Bee Or Not To Bee”… (ad)

17 August is Black Cat Appreciation Day. Black cats are sometimes associated with bad luck. So here is some better luck for you… (ad)

18 August is Bad Poetry Day. Yet, I would not put you through that. Instead, enjoy some good poetry, here…

19 August is World Humanitarian Day. Be sure to seek out your favorite cause and give. Enjoy this video… (ad)

20 August is World Mosquito Day. The following is not a condition spread by mosquitos, yet is debilitating… (ad)

21 August is Poet’s Day. I know you’ll love this beautiful piece by Tieme Ranapiri… (ad)

22 August is Hug Your Boss Day. You could try a good-bye hug also. See how, here… (ad)

23 August is Ride The Wind Day. However, riding the wind is not the best way to manage finance… (ad)

24 August is International Strange Music Day. Here are some sounds that you may not have heard… (ad)

25 August is Kiss And Make Up Day. However, with this training you never need to do that… (ad)

26 August is Women’s Equality Day. Here is something for the women at Forward Steps…

27 August is Tug Of War Day. See if you can win this Forward Steps contest in this month… (ad)

28 August is Bow Tie Day. If you ever find yourself tied up in knots, you might appreciate this… (ad)

29 August is Individual Rights Day. A good day to discover tools that redefine the boundaries of human potential… (ad)

30 August is International Whale Shark Day. Whatever you do, just don?t watch Jaws! You’ll like this better… (ad)

31 August is Pony Express Day. Luckily, I can send you all Forward Steps content much faster now… (ad)


1 September is Calendar Adjustment Day. Do you looking for ways to adjust your time? See this…

2 September means there are only 120 days until new year 2015. Imagine starting each of those with meditation, without skipping: (ad)

3 September is Another Look Unlimited Day. It’s to identify things which could be donated, given, or recycled. Enjoy this gift for you… (ad)

4 September is Newspaper Carrier Day. So I have a little bit of good news for you today, right here… (ad)

5 September is Be Late For Something Day. I was late in adding this new P.S. note today! Do not be late for this… (ad)

6 September is Read A Book Day. Enjoy this book, from my very good friend Christopher Westra… (ad)

7 September is Grandparent?s Day. Not quite related, yet kind of, is this excellent & free mind training… (ad)

8 September is Literacy Day. A good day for revisiting your e-book downloads, right here… (ad)

9 September is Teddy Bear Day. Enjoy a lovely quote from one of my favorite teddy bears… (ad)

10 September is Swap Ideas Day. So here are a few ideas for you to swap with friends… (ad)

11 September is No News Is Good News Day. The world is not all that bad when no-one is telling you how awful it all is! (ad)

12 September is Chocolate Milkshake Day. Want to shake up your life a little? This may add some froth! (ad)

13 September is Roald Dahl Day. I have shared this before, however today is perfect for sharing again… (ad)

14 September is Eat A Hoagie Day. I had not heard that word till today. This will fill you up too… (ad)

15 September is International Dot Day, celebrating creativity. So I thought this “dot video” appropriate! (ad)

16 September is Get Ready Day. So get ready to collect these free gifts, updated yesterday… (ad)

17 September is International Country Music Day. This song is not quite “country”, yet I’m sure you’ll like it…

18 September is Water Monitoring Day. “Be like water my friend”, as in the words of Bruce Lee… (ad)

19 September is Talk Like A Pirate Day. Speaking of theft, it is a great day to notice what is stealing your energy…

20 September is National Punch Day. A drink, introduced from India to England many years ago. As was meditation… (ad)

21 September is International Day Of Peace and World Gratitude Day. Enjoy this video… (ad)

22 September is Elephant Appreciation Day. So I send you to the largest heart awakening & intention project, free… (ad)

23 September is Checkers Day, yet has nothing to do with the popular board game. Enjoy this chess story… (ad)

24 September is Punctuation Day. Add some exclamations to your day, by asking yourself these self-care questions… (ad)

25 September is Comic Book Day. A day for good, triumphing over evil. Enjoy these cartoons…

26 September is Love Note Day. Write someone a special love note, or send them to this page… (ad)

27 September is International Rabbit Day. Get your free copy of The Jack Rabbit Factor ebook… (ad)

28 September is Ask A Stupid Question Day. However, we all know that there is no such thing as a stupid question!

29 September is International Coffee Day. Share this wonderful story on video with coffee loving friends… (ad)

30 September is International Translation Day. Be sure to share the English translation of this poem… (ad)


1 October is World Vegetarian Day. Learn simple secrets to harmonize your body and increase your energy… (ad)

2 October is Poetry Day. Here is a very, very short poem for you. Can you guess…

3 October is World Smile Day. Last month’s contest winner at Forward Steps is smiling! Enter here… (ad)

4 October is World Card Making Day. There are only about 80 more days to 25 December. This will help… (ad)

5 October is World Teachers Day. I was a teacher for 23 years & now I am a different kind of teacher! (ad)

6 October is Mad Hatter Day. Ken Wilber is not mad, however you might still like to join him 16 October… (ad)

7 October is Bathtub Day. Choose any 2 relaxing, free MP3s for listening, while you soak in the tub… (ad)

8 October is Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work Day. See this funny quote by a favorite bear, here… (ad)

9 October is Curious Events Day. Not so curious, yet a coming event, is Super Human Potential… (ad)

10 October is World Mental Health Day. This Motivation Manifesto is a call to claim our personal power. Get it free: (ad)

11 October is Universal Music Day. Download your free “Music to Feel Better Song Sampler” album, here… (ad)

12 October is World Arthritis Day. So what are the early warning signs of arthritis? Read here… (ad)

13 October is Native American Day. Watch this video to learn about the power of visualizing… (ad)

14 October is Face Your Fears Day. Have you yet read the 22 Tools To Transform Fear free ebook? (ad)

15 October is Global Handwashing Day. Use this to remove a few of your “mind bugs”… (ad)

16 October is National Boss Day. Learn how you can be the boss, of your brain… (ad)

17 October is Spirit Day. Everything is the color purple. Here’s the nearest to purple site I could find for you… (ad)

18 October is Alaska Day. Brrrr! Get your copy of this life changing book, and curl up for a cozy read… (ad)

19 October, 1963 Beatles recorded “I Want To Hold Your Hand” Allow this free mind technology to take you by the hand… (ad)

20 October is Bela Lugosi Day. However, there is now a way that you can stop being afraid once & for all… (ad)

21 October is International Day of the Nacho. Hold the jalapeños! Though we won’t put a hold on subconscious windows of opportunity… (ad)

22 October is National Nut Day in the UK & USA. While everyone squirrels around, enjoy your calm… (ad)

23 October is Mole Day commemorating Avogadro’s Number There’s no complicated chemistry with Kevin’s free meditation… (ad)

24 October is United Nations Day celebrated since 1948. Achieve your own sense of unison, peace and security… (ad)

25 October is International Artist Day. Use imagery and visualize yourself achieving your desired results… (ad)

26 October is Make A Difference Day. Thank people who make a difference in your life. People who feel better, do better! (ad)

27 October is Mother In Law Day. Learn how to show her (and the rest of your family) some soulful love… (ad)

28 October begins Hannukkah, an 8-day Jewish festival of lights. Light your own candle here… (ad)

29 October is Hermit Day. Find yourself a quiet place, alone, and enjoy some soothing music… (ad)

30 October is Mischief Night in England & North America These gems should keep you out of mischief for a while… (ad)

31 October is Magic Day, and started with a Houdini Day. Unlock your magical power and potential with this key… (ad)


1 November is Author’s Day, celebrating literature in all its forms. Show your appreciation and buy this book… (ad)

2 November is Plan Your Epitaph Day. It’s not morbid! It can help you to celebrate your life now. Try it here… (ad)

3 November is National Sandwich Day. If you feel a bit sandwiched between undesirables, get unstuck! (ad)

4 November is National Candy Day. Explore a sweet treat of a free MP3 and more tools for expansion… (ad)

5 November is Guy Fawkes Day. Light up your life and bring some renewed spark to your finances… (ad)

6 November is Stress Awareness Day. Rather than focus on stress, let’s focus on relaxation today… (ad)

7 November is Dunce Day. You won’t be a dunce when you collect this free ebook for you! (ad)

8 November is Abet and Aid Punsters Day. Here are 60 fun self growth quotes. At least pretend to laugh! (ad)

9 November is Chaos Never Dies Day. Let’s take a short break from our modern day chaos, here… (ad)

10 November means there are only 51 days to the end of this year. Hope you’re ready! (ad)

11 November is Armistice Day. Be the change you want to see! Help yourself to a state of harmony: (ad)

12 November 1933 Hugh Gray took the first known photos of the Loch Ness Monster. Do you have monsters of your own? (ad)

13 November is World Kindness Day. My kindness free gift for you today is this free pass. Enjoy! (ad)

14 November is National Pickle Day. If you’ve ever found yourself a “pickle”, here’s how to bounce back! (ad)

15 November is George Spelvin Day and is all about the celebration of pseudonyms. Reinvent yourself! (ad)

16 November is International Day for Tolerance. Download this handy list of tolerations for you… (ad)

17 November is Take A Hike Day. Use this special day for listening to MP3s while you walk. You’ll be glad you did! (ad)

18 November, 1923, Alan B. Shepard, the first American astronaut to travel in space, was born. Enjoy a little of your own space travel, right here on Earth! Check out… (ad)

19 November is National Blow Bagpipes Day. I’m not sure how we might celebrate. Perhaps simply enjoy? (ad)

20 November is Name Your PC Day. As I have an Apple, mine?s simply called Mac! Start your online business? (ad)

21 November is World Hello Day. Increase your own confidence when you say hello, with this special… (ad)

22 November is Go For A Ride Day. Planes, trains, automobiles, boats or these unique movements… (ad)

23 November is Eat A Cranberry Day. Relax in the ruby red, radiant rays & listen to music in the key of C… (ad)

24 November is Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day. Live an amazing life… (ad)

25 November is National Parfait Day. Parfait is a French word, literally meaning “perfect”… (ad)

26 November is Shopping Reminder Day. Yet, I’m not so certain that we need a reminder! (ad)

27 November is Thanksgiving Day in the USA. Enjoy a beautiful video about acknowledging our friends… (ad)

28 November is Pins And Needles Day. If you are feeling nervous or anxious, this will light you up… (ad)

29 November is National Day of Listening. Listen to 15 hours of self improvement e-book audios to download… (ad)

30 November is Computer Security Day. A while ago, I made a helpful page about this. It might help you… (ad)


1 December is Rosa Parks Day. Do you have dreams that just seem too unrealistic to ever achieve? Try this… (ad)

2 December is National Fritters Day. Don’t fritter away your time! Set an intention for your future… (ad)

3 December is Roof Over Your Head Day. Reminding us to be appreciative of the luxuries we enjoy… (ad)

4 December is King Tut Day. Discover your own treasure trove at this web site, today… (ad)

5 December International Volunteer Day. Volunteer for Forward Steps & share this December Calendar… (ad)

6 December is Miner’s Day. Dig deep and discover yet more about yourself with these free tools for you… (ad)

7 December is Letter Writing Day. Write to yourself to aid self reflection, problem solving or to gain clarity… (ad)

8 December is Brownie Day. Similar to hobgoblins, brownies are said to inhabit houses & aid in tasks around the house. Be organized! (ad)

9 December is Christmas Card Day. Hope this season finds you all wrapped up in happy! Here’s my card… (ad)

10 December is Human Rights Day. Enjoy this video about healing the hearts of humanity… (ad)

11 December is International Mountain Day. View your challenges & dreams with courage & determination… (ad)

12 December is Poinsettia Day. To help you bloom in life, enjoy a slow read of the Tao Te Ching… (ad)

13 December If you’re superstitious, 2014 was Friday the 13th! Hang out with my friend Jennifer & you’ll be just fine… (ad)

14 December is National Monkey Day. Time to stop monkeying around and to try out something new… (ad)

15 December is Cat Herders Day which recognizes the frustration of trying to manage the unmanageable… (ad)

16 December is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day! Has to be one of my favorite days, as well as this one… (ad)

17 December is National Maple Syrup Day. When life feels like you’re wading through treacle, try thriving… (ad)

18 December is Bake Cookies Day. This rapid change process program is no “cookie-cutter”. It’s unique… (ad)

19 December is “Look For An Evergreen” Day. Enjoy my evergreen Forward Steps inspirations here for you… (ad)

20 December is International Human Solidarity Day… (ad)

21 December is Look on the Bright Side Day. Here are a few more bright days to enjoy, with videos and gifts… (ad)

22 December is Date Nut Bread Day. Only three more sleeps till Christmas morning! Meantime, enjoy this video… (ad) about a Christmas surprise!

23 December is closer to Christmas than yesterday! Enjoy this selection of 6 fun videos for the season… (ad)

24, 25 & 26 December: Enjoy a happy Christmas with family & friends. Have fun with my Season Greeting card, here… (ad)

27 December is Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day. Or, you mighty simply enjoy these December calendar days… (ad)

28 December is Card Playing Day. Play your cards right for 2014, and clear your abundance energy… (ad)

29 December is Tick Tock Day. It is also Pepper Pot Day. Put everything you have into the last few days of 2013! (ad)

30 December is Bicarbonate Of Soda Day! I guess we could all do with a little extra fizz. Try this for size… (ad)

31 December is… well, I guess I don’t need to tell you! Here is a fun page to give you a head start in your celebrations… (ad)

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